Film "Kick in Iran" to divert attention from killings in Iran?

A new Iranian based film is coming out into the "outside world"!
Idont really Know...we have to see what this film has to offer at times of "Shot and run" by Iranian regime in Iran. It is well known experience that the regime in Iran always tryes to divert World attention from Inside turmoil through extended culttural activistes.
As Quoted in its Review :
Helmer Fatima Geza Abdollahyan's portrait of taekwondo competitor Sara Khoshjamal Fekri -- the first Iranian woman to qualify for the Olympics -- is about as personally revealing as a burqa, but the glimpse it gives us into the life of Iranian women in general is enlightening.

The key, according to "Kick in Iran," is her relationship with her "master," Maryam Azarmehr, a divorced mother and taekwondo expert (how she acquired her skills is never stated) who is a bit older than the 20-year-old Khoshjamal-Fekri, but whose intensity and inspirational coaching has imbued in her student an obvious sense of fealty and devotion. The viewer wants to know more about Azarmehr, of course, and about the relationship between the two, but helmer Abdollahyan gives us what she can within the constraints imposed on her.
"Kick in Iran" offers some candid glimpses into Iranian domestic life that indicate things don't always make sense. Despite the institutionalized modesty with which Iranian women must dress themselves, Iranian television seems to carry some of the same vaguely risque material as its U.S. counterpart (we see it in the background of shots). In one ironic scene, Azarmehr's young daughter plays with a computer game that allows the player to create and dress an avatar family. There is no hijab in the wardrobe, as far as we can tell.
The film builds, slowly and with not a lot of detail (there is no narration, and limited music) toward Khoshjamal-Fekri's performance at the Beijing Olympics. It's often said, and not always sincerely, but in the case of Khoshjamal-Fekri, just being there really is a tremendous victory.


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