Iran hands over body of slain protester to family after two weeks

Mostafa Karim Beigi, 27, was shot in the forehead on Ashura (December 27) near Nufel Lushato Street in Tehran.
After two weeks of having absolutely no information about their son and thinking that he was arrested in Ashura, they identified his body and picture on January 11 in the Kahrizak coroner's office. In the time before his body was identified, his family received threatening phone calls from his cell phone which added to their concerns.
After his family identified his body, security agents refrained from handing over his body and said only if his funeral is held outside of Tehran will they hand over the body. His family was forced to accept this condition despite the fact that they lived in the Amirieh neighborhood in Tehran.
On the January 12, Mostafa's family were suddenly informed that only his father, mother and sister can attend his funeral and Mostafa Karmi Beigi was buried in the afternoon. (Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Jan. 17, 2010)


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