Islamic Senate Member Comments on 22 Bahman

Akhoond Ebrahimi, a member of the security and foreign policy committee of the Islamic senate, cautioned on continued protests against the regime. He emphasized that people should not believe that the sedition is over.

Akhoond Ebrahimi also announced his worries on the unpopularity of the 22 Bahman gathering by saying that there will be some refreshments provided on that day in the front of mosques.

It was also noted the amount of Basiji militia that will be transferred to Tehran on the anniversary of 22 Bahman.

According to Ebrahimi, the city of Mashad’s share is 2000 Basijis, which according to the head of Mashad’s Basij force, is not likely to be organized.

Additionally, the transferred Basij forces to Tehran have been instructed to form a human chain along Azadi and Imam Hossein squares to prevent protesters from gathering.