Tortured political prisoner in appalling state

According to reports, Mohammad Hossein Sohrabi- Rad has attempted to commit suicide on several occasions due to the intolerable and inhumane pressures on him in prison.
This political prisoner who was close to Karoubi's election staff was arrested last September by the Intelligence Agency. He was arrested on charges of aiding the editor in chief of Saham News Website in providing a film regarding the crimes committed (by prison officials) in the Kahrizak Detention Center for the Judiciary and Khamenei's office. He was taken to the security ward number 350 in Evin Prison after being interrogated.
About two months ago, due to the mental torture inflicted on him in ward 209 and 350 and to end the intolerable situation, he cut the vein of his left hand in front of the head of Evin Prison, Sedaqat and Bozorgnia, a torturer of political prisoners and the head of ward 350 intending to commit suicide. He was taken to the prison medical clinic and his life was saved. Intelligence interrogators subsequently threw him in the solitary cells in the fourth story of ward 240 and continued the medieval pressure against him.
According to a political prisoner who was able to see and talk to him in the Revolutionary Court, the mental pressures and abuse against this prisoner have increased and has led him to attempt suicide two more times.
Sohrabi-Rad had recently married before his arrest and has a young wife. (Human Rights and Democracy in Iran- Jan. 17, 2010)


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