Rahmanipour confessed under duress – lawyer

Nasrin Sotoudeh, Arash Rahmanipour's lawyer: I was not allowed to attend the trials for Arash Rahmanipour in the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court and even in one session which was a show trial and my client was shown on television they banned me from coming and I was threatened with arrest when I objected…
In that same court session in which I was banned from, they asked Arash's father to persuade him to do what the agents wanted him to and when his father resisted, they threatened him on the spot that they would arrest him and take him to prison. You have to consider that before this when Arash was arrested, his pregnant sister was also arrested with him and two months after his sister was released, she lost her baby because of the pressure she was subjected to… (BBC TV (Farsi service) – Jan. 18, 2010)


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