Over Neda's Grave in Iran- 23 January 2010


Neda Aghasoltan's family gathered around her grave to commemorate her birthday. Other groups of people also joined her family to bring their respect. Family of Neda arranged for a birthday cake, flowers, candles and photos of her childhood on Neda's grave stone.
The number of people joining the ceremony including members of Mourning Mothers kept increasing and 2 police cars stopped close to the scene. Neda's mother mourned her daughter in tears addressing her loudly and saying "get up .. get up and see how many guests you are having .. last year you were all alone .. get up". While looking at the 27 candles burning on her birthday cake she cried loudly saying: "My dearest turned 27 .. My Neda turned 27 .. People's Neda turned 27...". As the crowd became larger the security agents blocked their entrance and warned Neda's father to avoid that anyone would shout slogans.


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