According to reports, on Sunday January 24 at about 2 pm, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in Rasht stormed political prisoner Hadi Abed Bakhoda's house and searched his home. They subsequently interrogated his wife for several hours which led to her hospitalization.

In this attack, three agents of the Ministry of Intelligence participated. They violently searched their home and broke some of their personal items, while confiscating their satellite receiver, and educational CDs that belonged to their children. These agents then verbally summoned Mehri Javan Mahjoub Doust, Abed Bakhoda's wife to the intelligence agency in Rasht.

On Monday January 25, Mrs. Mahjoub Doust went to the Intelligence Agency and was interrogated for close to 5 hours. The interrogation was about her interviews with international foreign media, the dangerous physical state of her husband in prison and other issues. Two interrogators were present in her interrogation. One of the interrogators threatened Mrs. Mahjoub Doust saying 'Aren't you worried about your children and yourself?'

They threatened her children to death in these interrogations. Mrs. Mahjoub Doust had a heart attack as a result of the agents' threats and violent behavior and the interrogators were forced to take her to the hospital. She was hospitalized for a few hours.

The Rasht prosecutor and Ministry of Intelligence have blocked the financial means of this family and they are in a very bad financial state. This is while this family has to pay for the medical treatment for Abed Bakhoda in prison. Whoever intends to give financial support to them is threatened by intelligence agents and they have even told Mrs. Mahjoub that financial help she receives has to be transferred to the bank account of the Revolutionary Court.

On the other hand, the physical condition of political prisoner Hadi Abed Bakhoda who has spinal cord damage is deteriorating and he cannot move on his own or attend to his personal work. Several of his organs have lost their natural function and he has to be hospitalized in hospital.

Despite this, he is still imprisoned and (officials) refuse to release him. The head of the prison, the prison doctor and the judge seeing to his case have accepted that he go on a medical leave but intelligence interrogators in Rasht refuse to let him go. Bakhoda was sentenced to two years of prison by the 2nd branch of the Revolutionary Court and was arrested on November 8 and taken to Rasht Prison. He was imprisoned and tortured in the 80's for supporting the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran. Regime forces shot him upon his arrest (in the 80's) which resulted in his spinal cord damage. He cannot walk and his bladder, kidneys and digestive system have been severely damaged. His brother Hormoz Abed Bakhoda was executed in the 80's for supporting the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran


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