Part 1
Parvin Fahimi
Interview by Mahboubeh Abbasgholizadeh

“I have always wondered where Sohrab was killed and nobody has responded to my question yet. I want to know where Sohrab was killed.

Was he killed in prison? or was he killed in the streets?

Where was he during these days -especially during the four days where in the coroner’s document it specifies that his body was delivered on June 19th?

Where was he from June 15th to June 19th? Did they even attend to him? Or did they leave him to be alone? What did my son want? What did he say?

They haven’t even given his stuff back to me! They haven’t given back any of his belongings! One of my relatives had a dream that Sohrab was looking for his shoes. These things bother me.

Part 2

was very uneasy. I couldn’t settle down. I went back and forth to the identification department. As I waited there, I felt someone was hiding behind the wall. I figured it was Siyamak.

I went to him and asked, “Siyamak, what happened? I can sense something in your face!” Siyamak responded, “Mom, nothing happened, don’t worry.”

I said, “There is something in your face, I can see it. Tell me what happened to Sohrab.” He replied, “Mom, they killed Sohrab”


They killed Sohrab. I don’t know where they killed him. They said I needed to come identify the body. I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t breathe. I was only screaming. I was damning all of them. I kept saying that I hope the same happens to their young ones. I hope the same happens to your loved ones so you know how it feels.

When I sat behind the computer, they showed me pictures of Sohrab.


They didn’t even show me the dark spots on his body. I said, “That’s my Sohrab…this is my Sohrab…that’s him…” I jumped up and down and swore at them. I was uneasy.


They took me back home. My heart was jumping out of my body. Whenever I remember those moments, I wish I could die. This will never leave my life. I just want them to identify the murderer.

I want to ask him how he could shoot at my son and other kids? How could they have the heart to kill such a beautiful youngster? And they are still killing them. Aren’t they tired of killing people? Are they still thirsty for blood? Are they really still thirsty? An Iranian who kills another Iranian? Why?

When there was a war going on (against Iraq), the youngsters had guns and they went and fought a common enemy! Our youngsters here had no weapons and they didn’t want to fight. All they wanted to know was what happened to their votes. They were only expressing their opinions and nothing else! They weren’t doing anything illegal. But they killed our youngsters: Sohrab, Neda, Ashkan, Kianoush, Kamrani, Amir Javadi, Hashemzadeh, and many more.

They killed many youngsters. When do they want to respond to these? How are they going to respond?

Part 3:

Part 4:


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