Alireza Firoozi and Soorna Hashemi Have Vanished

Trnalsation by : Persia2English
Based on received reports and existing evidence, Alireza Firoozi and Soorna Hashemi, two student activists of the University of Zanjan have been missing since early this week, and there is no news about their whereabouts.

According to the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, the two student activists left Tehran on a trip to Tabriz earlier this week, but they vanished once they reached the city.

In their families’ attempt to locate them, they were able to track them to Tabriz and Orumiyeh (both in northwest Iran). However, there has been no trace of the two students.

According to Firoozi and Hashemi’s families and friends, ”At the beginning of the week, individual or individuals with the goal of gathering some unidentified information have contacted political activists and their families through Soorna and Alireza’s e-mail accounts. In these correspondences, the individuals have made certain demands that have caused the families great concern about the safety and life of the two activists.”

In the past three days, their families have traveled to the province of Azerbaijjan to visit all security and military organizations. However, none of the organizations have taken responsibility for the arrest of the students. They also claim to have no record indicating their names and location. This has caused the families even more concern about the well-being of their sons.

Translation by: Siavosh J.


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