15 Political prisoners,prevented from medical needs in Iranian prisons


Currently, a large number of political prisoners in Iran suffer from chronic illnesses, but the regime’s torturers refuse to provide them with proper medical attention, even telling the ailing prisoners: We have not brought you here to save you; we’ve brought you here for a painful death.

The names of some of the ailing political prisoners and their state of health are as follows:

1. Ali Saremi, who has a history of infarction, is now in danger of having another stroke because of high blood pressure;
2. Dr. Mohammad Maleki, former President of Tehran University, suffers from cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure;
3. Ali Moezi is suffering from hydronephrosis (acute kidney ailment) and is in a critical state;
4. Hamed Rouhinezhad suffers from multiple sclerosis and is losing his sight. He can hardly maintain his balance;
5. Mansour Ossanlou, suffering from variety of ailments including severe damage to his eye sight and back pain which affects his legs;
6. Mansour Radpour has severe kidney complications;
7. Misaq Yazdan-nezhad suffers from acute nervous problems;
8. Houri (Fatemeh) Ziai suffering from multiple sclerosis;
9. Behrouz Javid Tehrani’s sight has been damaged due to severe torture and violent blows to the head by heavy objects such as fire extinguisher capsule and chair;
10. Alireza Karami Kheirabadi suffering from acute hepatitis;
11. Hamid Haeri suffering from chronic heart complications;
12. Hadi (Homayoun) Abed Ba-Khoda is facing death due to lack of medical treatment in Rasht prison. He is a political prisoner from 1980s. At the time of his arrest he was shot and his spinal cord fractured. When his condition became very serious, the regime was compelled to send him to hospital for treatment under pressures by international human rights organizations;
13. Abbas Khorsandi has had an operation on his heart and is in need of attention;
14. Farhad Vakili has already suffered from a heart attack and needs special care;
15. Mohammad Hassan Fallahizadeh is suffering from hepatitis.

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international authorities, particularly the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN special rapporteur on torture and working group on arbitrary detentions, as well as physicians’ associations and syndicates to adopt urgent measures to investigate the situation of political prisoners in Iran, especially those who suffer from serious and chronic illnesses.


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