Regime intends to execute in public 5 men and women with links to Ashraf

There are reportedly ongoing efforts to publicly carry out the sentences of 5 Ashura offenders who were sentenced to death by Judge Salavati.
The sentences for five Ashura offenders were issued by Judge Salavati , the head of the 15th branch of the revolutionary court sentencing them to the capital punishment.
Among these five, in addition to the 3 people whose trial was shown in part by Seda and Sima (Iran state-run tv) regarding going to Camp Ashraf and filming the protests, there is a man and a woman who are above 50 years old.
Apparently the child of this couple is in Camp Ashraf and the brothers of the man were executed in the beginning of the revolution for being members of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization.
There are reportedly efforts in progress to carry out the execution of these five before February 11 (anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the Shah) in Tehran especially in Enqelab and Azadi Streets. It is up to the head of the Judiciary to accept or oppose this issue. (Ayandeh state-run Website – Jan. 30, 2010)


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