Uprising in Lar in its fifth day running

Courageous uprising of Lar residents continued on Friday, February 5. People’s protest was so intense and widespread that the clerics could not hold the weekly Friday prayers in the city. A large crowd, kilometers long, gathered outside the Hosseinieh Azam mosque chanting anti-regime slogans.

On Thursday evening, the Special Guard units attacked protesters by pellet bullets injuring at least 40. The suppressive forces wounded a large number of people including children, women and elderly men when attacked the crowd with batons.

At lunchtime on Friday, angry people retaliated the suppressive forces’ aggression on the previous night and attacked the headquarters of the State Security Forces in the city. The suppressive guards had to run away in fear of people’s wrath.

Clips from Freedommessenger

Suppressive elements before escapeing the anger of the people


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