Shirin Alam Hovi talks of cruel torture in prison

Letter written by death row political prisoner Shirin Alam Hovi from the women's ward in Evin Prison dated Jan. 18, 2010 – I was arrested in Tehran in 2008 by a number of plainclothes agents and was taken directly to a Revolutionary Guards Force base. They started beating me the moment I got there without even asking any question. I was there for 25 days. The interrogators who were all men tied me with handcuffs to a bed. They would beat me in the face, head and the soles of my feet with electric clubs, cables, fists and kicks. In that time, I could not even speak or understand fluent Farsi. When they did not receive any answers for their questions, the beatings would start again until I passed out…
One day in the interrogations, they kicked me in the stomach so hard that I immediately started to bleed and lost a lot of blood. Another day, one of the interrogators came to the room. He was the only interrogator I saw because the rest of the times I had on blindfolds. He asked me irrelevant questions. When he did not get an answer, he slapped me in the face and put a gun that he carried on his belt to my head.
"Answer the questions I ask", he said.
"I know that you are a member of the PJAK (Party of Free Life of Kurdistan) and you’re a terrorist. It doesn’t make a difference if you talk or not girl, we're happy to have a member of PJAK in our hands".
One day, I was sitting with blindfolds in a chair and I was being interrogated. The interrogator used my hand to put out his cigarette and on another day, the interrogator pressed so hard with his shoes on my feet that my nails turned black and fell off. Or sometimes they would force me to stand all day in the interrogation room without asking any questions. The interrogators would just sit in front of me and do puzzles. They did whatever they could (to torture me)…
After I got back from the hospital, they decided to take me to ward 209. But because of my poor physical condition and the fact that I could not even walk, 209 was not willing to accept me and I was kept in that condition the whole day outside of 209 until they finally took me to the medical clinic… (Iran Press News Website – Jan. 31, 2010)


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