Breaking News: Lar residents clash with anti-riot police

Today, people from the city of Lar clashed with anti-riot police forces and attacked Melli and Mellat banks and a police station. The clashes were a result of the people’s discontent over the decision to make Gerash, one of the nearby villages into a city.
Some windows were smashed and people were arrested and injured. Anti-riot police used tear gas and fired shots to disperse [the crowd]. The people reacted by fighting back. Consequently, a number of people were injured and were sent to Imam Reza hospital, the only hospital in the city.
There were many arrests, but only 16 have been transferred to Shiraz so far. From yesterday and today, the [police force] has arrested 120 people, and ten of them have been released since. People are banned from traveling and anti-riot police are remaining in the streets. [City officials] have promised that a group from Tehran would be arriving today at 3:00pm to investigate the people’s claims. The people believe that this is a lie. Additionally, according to reports, strikes are being planned that will result in shops in the city closing their doors until the people receive their rights.

Translation by: Tour Irani


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