According to reports, political prisoner Mehdi Islamian has been sentenced to death for giving financial aid to his younger brother, Mohsen Islamian (who was hanged before this).
Mehdi Islamian, 30, was arrested on May 3, 2008 and was taken to an Intelligence Agency detention center in Shiraz in the Artesh Square. He was violently physically and mentally tortured for 14 consecutive days. After 14 days, he was transferred to ward 209 in Evin Prison and was kept in solitary for 6 months.
He was once again tortured in Evin Prison by intelligence agents. These interrogators flogged the soles of his feet, back and other parts of his body for a long period of time, tied him to a chair and punched and kicked him in the face, head, chest, stomach and other sensitive parts of his body, tortured him with electric clubs, forcefully injected mind altering drugs and force fed him mind altering pills, and insulted and abused him. His shoulder and nose broke as a result but interrogators not only denied him medical attention, but brutalized him even more.
The purpose of these violent tortures was to force him to confess that he was linked to the Shiraz Rahpuyane Vesal bombing and to announce that he financially aided his brother for political reasons.
His case was referred for trial to the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court headed by Salavati. Salvati sentenced him to death on bogus charges such as, 'moharebeh (enmity with God), acting against national security by assisting bomb attacks, being corrupt on earth, attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic, being a member of a monarchist association, and effectively giving financial aid to anti-revolutionary groups'.
Islamian and his lawyer appealed this sentence and his case is currently being reviewed in a court of review. His brother, Mohsen Islamian, 21, was executed on March 22, 2009 along with two other prisoners. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Feb. 3, 2010)

The Photo shows Mohsen Islamian, supposedly on the left, with 2 other youth accused on forced confessions to have carried out the bombings at holy place in Shiraz in 2008. All three were hanged at the time.


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