Student activist Mahdieh Golro's sister said after her last visit with Mahdieh that she was in poor physical condition.
According to the sister of this jailed activist, she has become much thinner from her last visit two weeks ago. She also complained of the sanitation and medication condition in prison and said that it has been 10 days that she was suffering from intestine infection but the lack of facilities in prison especially after Ashura is so grave that even antibiotics is hard to come by.
This member of the Council in Defense of the Right to Education also said that the heating system in prison is broken and the severe cold in the past few days in Evin has led to the spread of the flu among a large number of prisoners including herself. Mahdieh also said regarding her husband that her interrogators had claimed that they would release Vahid Lalipour if she cooperated with them but despite the fact that his temporary detention order has expired, they still keep him in prison. She is under pressure to accept charges such as having had communications with the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran but has not accepted any of the charges. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Feb. 4, 2010)


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