Political prisoners in Evin Prison put under increasing pressure

According to reports, in the past few days, the telephone calls of a number of political prisoners with their families have been cut off and their interrogations have once again started. The pressure and threats against their families has also increased.
According to a number of released prisoners, Ashura (Dec. 27, 2009) detainees who had been recently transferred from ward 209 to ward 7 have been recently brought back to 209 for interrogations and torture. These interrogations sometimes go on for the whole day.
Recently released prisoners say that in the first two days of their arrest they were kept in secret detention centers. When they first entered these detention centers they were forced to go through a tunnel made up of security forces with clubs. When they passed through the tunnel, they were beaten with electric clubs and whoever fell on the ground or fainted was tortured even more. Most of the detainees had injuries, wounds and bruised bodies as a result. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – Feb. 4, 2010)


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