Gohardasht prison official threatens young prisoners to rape

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
Jan. 31, 201

According to reports, a number of prisoners from hall 12 in which young prisoners are kept in were tortured and threatened to rape and that they would be sent to ward 1 known for its inhumane conditions.
On Thursday January 28, two prisoners from the youth hall who were injured after prison guards attacked this hall went to see the head of ward 4, Mahmoud Moghnian, to file a complaint on behalf of all the prisoners regarding the violent attack of prison guards to their cells.
Mahmoud Moqnian, who carries out bloody attacks against political prisoners, handcuffed prisoners Mojtaba Asadi and Mir Ahmad Hosseini who had come to protest and hung them from their handcuffs. Moghnian tortured these two prisoners for a long time and used offensive remarks regarding their family members. On Saturday January 31, Mahmoud Moghnian took these two prisoners to the office of the assistant head of prison, Ali Mohammadi. He threatened and insulted these two young men telling them that he would send them to ward 1 where they would be raped and 'a thousand other things will happen to you there'.
A large number of young prisoners who committed offenses as minors and have been sentenced to death are kept in hall 12 waiting for their sentences to be carried out


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