Iran tortures student activist in Shiraz

Kazem Rezayi, Shiraz University student was trialed 3 months after he was jailed. According to eyewitness reports, this student activist who has been detained in the Shiraz Detention Center for more than 3 months was in court on Saturday with evident torture signs on his body. These eyewitnesses said that he came to court in a disheveled appearance and had become very thin. Numerous torture signs were evident on his back and stomach. According to reports from various sources, a number of other Shiraz University detainees had seen torture signs on his hands and especially his fingers.
Rezayi was brutally arrested with the cooperation of the university's Protection Department while being severely beaten and broke his nose as a result. Because of his resistance during his incarceration, security forces put severe mental and physical pressure on him. (Roshangari Website – Feb. 4, 2010)


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