Alireza Firoozi & Sourena Hashemi Are Detained in Evin

Prisoners released from Evin prison today say they have seen Alireza Firoozi & Sourena Hashemi inside EvinRAHANA Prisoners’ Rights Unit- Eyewitnesses have seen Alireza Firooozi & Sourena Hashemi inside an Evin ward in the last few days. Both student activists had disappeared since December 2nd, 2009 while on a trip to Tabriz and all signs pointed to an arrest by authorities.According to several prisoners who were released today, the 2 student activists were in an Evin ward 10 days ago but were moved to an unknown location later. This new development comes as their families had been told by Evin and Court officials in the past that their sons were not detained in Evin.Alireza’s family went to Evin prison last night hoping to get information from prisoners who were being released. Upon seeing the photographs of the 2 students, 8 released prisoners positively identified Sourena Hashemi. Although the freed prisoners did not have any information about Alireza Firoozi, it is quite likely that he is detained in Evin as well since the 2 activists were arrested while travelling together.It is not clear at this point whether the 2 activists are detained at Evin or another prison. Earlier on, officers of the Tehran Police force concluded that Alireza was in Tehran by tracking his cell phone signal.Alireza & Sourena have not contacted their families since their arrest more than a month ago. During this time agents from the intelligence ministry have used their email information to check the contents of their accounts and chat online with their friends and families.Alireza & Sourena were expelled from Zanjan University and detained, after exposing a University official for sexual abuse.Sourena Hashemi is a member of a Liberal student organization and Alireza Firoozi is blogger-journalist and human rights activist.


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