eo Update: Lar residents clash with anti-riot police

Iran News Agency – On the morning of Thursday February 4, 2010, there was a large protest [gathering] in Lar, and it continued until past 2:30am.
A local authority ordered all shop owners to open their doors to business A large majority of the people in Lar protested loudly [to this order] by chanting slogans.
Some of the chants were:
Death to the Compromiser; Peace be upon Muhammad, everyone has made noise; Worthless leaders resign, resign; Lar has to become a province; We are all in this together.”

The start of riots in Lar :

Street Fighting s in Lar

Gathering with people shouting anti-government slogans

Clashes and people defending

"This is the document of the Crimes of this Government "


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