Sixteen political prisoners have gone on hunger strike after they were transferred from ward 350 to solitary cells of ward 240 in Evin prison.

RAHANA- Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei and Keyvan Samimi were the first prisoners transferred to solitary cells on Monday July 26 after their objection to the inappropriate behavior of ward 350 officials and its chief Mostafa Bozorgnia. Other political prisoners were transferred from their cells in ward 350 to solitary confinement in ward 240 at 3:00 am on Tuesday July 27.
On Monday July 26, during the weekly prison visits of ward 350 inmates, the political prisoners of this ward and their families were faced with the offensive behavior of officers and ward officials. Therefore, prisoners protested the incident on the same day and even chanted slogans inside Evin visiting hall, after which prison officials send more officers to control the situation and return prisoners to their cells.
According to Kaleme portal, in response to prisoners’ protests and instead of investigating their objections, the officials of ward 350 cut off all telephone lines of this ward and transferred a number of political prisoners including Abdollah Momeni, Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei and Ahmad Karimi to solitary cells.
The names of these prisoners transferred to solitary cells are:
Ali Malihi (student activist and member of Tahkim-e Vahdar student organization), Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei (journalist), Hossein Nouraninejad (journalist and member of Islamic Iran Participation Front), Abdollah Momeni (student activist and spokesman of Advare Tahkim, reformist Iran Alumni Organization), Ali Parviz (student activist), Hamid Reza Mohammadi (political activist), Jafar Eghdami (civil activist), Babak Bordbar (photojournalist), Zia (Zieddin) Nabavi (student activist deprived of continuing his studies), Ebrahim (Nader) Babaei (civil activist and an Iran-Iraq injured war veteran), Koohyar Goudarzi (human rights activist and blogger), Majid Dorri (student activist), Majid Tavakoli (student activist), Keyvan Samimi (journalist), Gholam-Hossein Arshi and Peyman Karimi-Azad (arrested during Ashura incidents on 27 December 2009).
Among these prisoners, Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei has been on hunger strike since Tuesday July 27, while Majid Tavakoli, Abdollah Momeni, Koohyar Goudarzi and two other prisoners started their hunger strike on Wednesday. Other prisoners went on hunger strike today (Thursday) to support their friends’ strike, and said they would not break it until they reach their goals. Prisoners demand that ward officers and officials apologize to prisoners for their inappropriate behavior and return these 16 individuals to the public ward.


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