Political prisoner Hamid Haeri transferred to hospital


Political prisoner Hamid Haeri 60, the father of one of the PMOI members residing in Ashraf City, Iraq was transferred to a hospital in Tajrish north of Tehran because of the severity of the tortures imposed on him at Evin Prison.He was heavily beaten at his legs and hips and was transferred to the hospital with ambulance.His family went to hospital to see him but they were not permitted to. His legs were chained while he was in bed in hospital and nobody was permitted to get near him.Though they physicians ordered his hospitalization for a while but he was transferred to Evin again after a short period while still in critical condition.The henchmen of Security branch and regime’s kangaroo court had called his family and told them that if they pay 50 million tomans his term will be decreased to 2 years form 15 years.


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