Political prisoner tortured and under pressure in Bushehr Prison

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According to reports from Bushehr, political prisoner Vahid Asghari, 24, who was arrested by RGC forces in 2008 has been under the most severe physical and mental torture and all his bones have broken including his nose, head and rib cage as a result of severe beatings with batons, whips and hoses. He was also mentally tortured including being subjected to threats, and being put in a cage with rodents. Plastic bags were also put over his head to cut off his oxygen, he was hanged from his legs for hours and hundreds of other methods of torture which he detailed in a letter to the security court. He was also forced to make false confessions and his interview was broadcasted for the propaganda campaign of the RGC. Asghari and a number of other young people who were oblivious to everything were victimized for the policies of the RGC and were charged with dozens of strange and unbelievable accusations. Vahid was 22 upon his arrest. He studied for 4 years in India and provided hosting services and domains to his customers and has not committed any crimes.

وضعيت بسيار دردناک يک زنداني سياسي در بوشهر(وحيد اصغري)
طبق اطلاعات رسيده به حزب مرزپرگهر شاخه استان بوشهر وحيد اصغري متولد سال ۱۳۶۵ که در ارديبهشت ماه سال ۱۳۸۷ توسط سپاه پاسداران دستگير و از ان تاريخ تا کنون تحت شديدترين شکنجه هاي جسمي و روحي قرار دارد به طوري که بر اثر ضربات مشت و لگد و باتون برقي و شلاق و شلنگ تمام استخوانهاي بدن او از جمله استخوان بيني .سر .دنده ها و…. او خرد شده و در اثر شکنجه هاي رواني از جمله تهديدهاي مختلف قرار دادن در قفس جانوران موزي .انداختن کيسه هاي اکسيزن خفه کن بر سر .ساعتها اويزان کردن از پا و هزاران شکنجه ديگر که او طي نامه شکايت به دادگاه انتظامي مقداري از انها را شرح داده و با چنين فجايعي گرفتن اقرارو اعتراف تلويزيوني . پخش ان در شرايطي که سپاه نياز به تبليغات انتخاباتي داشت با طعمه قراردادن و قرباني کردن ايشان و تعدادي جوان از همه جا بي خبر و چسباندن دهها جرم عجيب و باور نکردني به آنها انان را قرباني سياستهاي خود کرده اند .وحيد موقع بازداشت ۲۲ سال داشت و مدت ۴ سال دور از ايران در کشور هند مشغول تحصيل بود ه و به منظور تامين مخارج تحصيل خود هاست و دامين به متقاضيان ارايه ميداد و هيچگونه کار ديگري که جرم شناخته شود مرتکب نشده . (پيك ايران – 4/5/89)


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