Ali Akbar Dareini's solidarity token was vividly leaking identity and lacking sense of truth as he wrote :

Title of article reads: Anniversary of disputed Iran vote passes quietly !!

One cannot understand if Mr. Dareini is planning a long term stay in Iran and considering consequesnces of writing the truth of events or if he is a naive person under stress !

As far as I am concerned the term " disturbances" is exactly what an Iranian regime offical would use to express peaceful protests of trappped voices of those in IRAN, who only wish FREEDOM.

The anniversary passed with no signs of major disturbances or sizable gatherings.

Mr Dareini should have risked one little bit as stopped by Enghelab and Hafez and other districts to see the "minor" incidents instead of minimizing the brave move people in Iran took to highlight the one point that Mr. Dareini is suspiciously reluctant to report : That the will of those who risk in the streets and in prisons has nothing to do with political pragmatism , change of sides and weaknesses of certain political figures. This is a movement for change and freedom with its specific slogans repeated once again today " Down with Dictator"
If this was as he said “sporadic but minor clashes” were not in one town but many showing widespread movement despite extraordinary suppressive measures by an unprecedented religious Tyranny in current History. He seems to either be naïve to the extend of suppression and nature of this regime or a companion to the butchers, ignoring the depth of violence and its impact on any society.
On the other hand, his extra terrestrial expectations of the people under such suppression is unbelievably out of the reality : “The scene was in stark contrast to a year ago.”
I have reached only one conclusion that might ease me only mildly to digest his service to the regime in his coverage of the great effort of the Iranian people :
To suggest that he too, takes active presence in the next protests, tries the white torture, solitary confinement along with the beatings and rape and see if his attitude and understanding of “risking heavily to come on to the streets while chanting down with dictator , even in the smallest numbers “ now, would almost equal the previous “ where is my vote” protests.


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