-Contacts have reported
that since 2 days ago,
satellite receivers
have failed to work
as result of severe
parasite and interference , specially on
VOA and Iranntv
in nearly all districts of Tehran .

-Presence of security forces have been
openly doubled and made felt in public

- Couples have to have documents
providing their marriage even more
than before

-Tracks and posters have been
distributed by people in various
districts of Tehran : Majidieh,
Saadat Abad, Ghar district and
Gisha along with Tajrish

Some tracts read " Iranians shall
die but never submit"

- Plain cloth agents are more than
before as reported by eyewitnesses
from various districts :
They are stationed in main Squares
such as Sadeghieh, Tehranpars, Vanak,

Toopkhane Square,Shahr Ara,
Vahidieh, Nezam Abad,

The regime has stationed once again
ample number of white Pegeots equipped with cameras and suppressive batons.

- In northern Tehran, telephone booths
have been repainted to cover slogans

-A team of activists have written the name
KHAMENEI in the Bus lane so as to make
the bus go over the name each time it stops
for passengers. This has caused
much joy
and laughter for bystanders.

PHOTO: Fliers distributed along with slogans written on buses , bridges and telephone booths (daliran and freedommessenger)


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