UPDATE: sumup of events on 22 khordad

Iran focus

Tehran — Rooftop chants of “Allah-o Akbar” (God is the greatest) and “Death to [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei” continued Friday night in south Tehran’s districts of Khazaneh, Shahr-e Ray, Shoush and Sadeqiya.

In Shahrak Gharb district, Bassij militia on motorbikes roamed the neighbourhoods, but were unable to counteract the louder than usual rooftop chants as residents stepped up their chants. The militiamen ultimately left the area around 22:45.

Isfahan — Around 21:30, groups of people gathered outside the home of Ayatollah Jalal Taheri, who had resigned as the city’s Friday prayer leader several years ago over his objection to Khamenei’s treatment of the late Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, and chanted “Allah-o Akbar” and “Death to Khamenei”.

Following the row during Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary last week, Taheri published a scathing letter chastising Khamenei and hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the way Khomeini’s grandson, Hassan, was jeered when he attempted to speak at the event.

Qazvin — A group of students at the University of Qazvin, west of Tehran, issued a declaration calling on fellow students to stage a protest on campus at 13:00 on Saturday. In recent weeks, the university’s disciplinary committee has expelled a number or students and suspended several others.


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