Behrooz Javeed Tehrani facing imminent danger!

According to reports received by Human Rights & Democracy Activists in Iran, Behrooz Javeed Tehrani has been brutally tortured in a solitary confinement cell known as the “dog house” at Gohardasht prison.
Since his transfer to solitary confinement at ward 1, better known as the “dog house”, Tehrani has suffered extreme physical torture. Based on unconfirmed reports, this torture has resulted in heavy wounds and bruises all over his body and Mr. Tehrani has also suffered from fractures in his arms and legs.
This is not the first time Behrooz Javeed Tehrani has been transferred to the torture chamber of the prison established by Hassan Akharian, since he took over as head of ward 1 at the prison. It has been reported that along with other prison officials, Hassan Akharin, the head of ward 1 at Gohardasht prison in Karaj, after blindfolding Mr. Tehrani and tying his hands and feet, proceeded to brutally beat and torture him. Cameras have been installed in all the cells in solitary confinement, however, it is interesting to note that his particular cell had no security cameras.
It has also been reported that one of the interrogator’s of the Ministry of Intelligence was present during the brutal and inhumane torturing of Mr. Tehrani.
Mr. Tehrani is not the only political prisoner being tortured in the solitary confinement cells know as the “Dog House” at Gohardasht prison. Other political prisoners under similar conditions include Ahmad Ashkan, Reza Jalaleh, Majid Afshar, Naghi Nazri, Mehdi Sourani (who’s jaw was broken after being tortured in solidary confinement), Gheysar Esmaili, Majid Mahmoudi, Naser Ghochanlou, Hamid Ashki, Shir Mohammad Mohammadi and Hossein Sharifi.
The solitary confinement conditions at ward 1 of Gohardasht prison are inhumane to say the least. Defenseless prisoners are transferred to solitary confinement cells known as the “Dog House”. They are brutally tortured and as reported on numerous occasions this inhumane treatment has lead to the fracturing of the arms and legs of many prisoners, including Saman Mohamadian, Mohsen Bigovand, Bahram Tasviri, Hassan Sharifi and many others. Another inhumane criminal act inflicted on many prisoners is rape or the use of batons on defenseless prisoners who are shackled and blind folded. This criminal act usually takes place after they have been brutally tortured and their arms and legs have been fractured. Often Hassan Akharian contacts the families of these prisoners, falsely informing them that their loved ones have died. Many prisoners are kept in cells that lack bathrooms and they are not given permission to use a bathroom. Often they are kept for months under these conditions. Prisoners are undressed, their blankets and clothes are removed and they are told to sleep on wet cement floors. They are deprived of their medicines for long periods of time. They endure daily torture and tear gas and pepper gas are sprayed into their prison cells. Their faces are sprayed with the contents of fire extinguishers. They insult their families. Prisoners with broken arms and legs are kept without treatment for long periods of time in their cell until they develop infections or even come close to death. Prisoners are deprived of all contact with people outside their cell, with their families and with the world at large. They are only fed the bare minimum to keep them alive. Prisoners are tortured if either they or their family members complain about the inhumane treatment; often they are forced to take back their words. Prisoners are murdered under the pressure of tortured and prison officials announce that they died as a result of suicide or drug overdose.
The Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran would like to warn the world of the imminent danger facing Behrooz Javeed Tehrani’s life and the lives of other political prisoners at Gohardasht prison, and demand that immediate action be taken by the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other international bodies to save the lives of these prisoners.
Signed by The Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran20th Khordad 1389 (10th June 2010)
Please make sure a copy of this report is sent to the following organizations:
The High Commissioner for Human Rights
The European Union’s Human Rights Commission
Amnesty International
The Special Committee for Arbitrary Arrest and Torture at the United Nations
Translated by: Negar Irani


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