UPDATE: Reports from Tehran until 11:30am local time!

The traffic in the streets of Tehran is irregular today. The only government members with a visible organized presence is the traffic police. The police force is not yet stationed in the streets. In previous protests, riot police forces were stationed in public areas from the early morning. Their mission was to continue their patrol until the night. Although, in previous protests, the hours of long missions and the heaviness of their military tools reduced the ability and function of the forces. But in rehearsals last week, military commanders declared that they have the capacity to cover the entire city in twenty minutes.
Eye witnesses have seen the presence of plainclothes forces today in a few places:
- An empty parking lot at the Enqelab-Jamalzade intersection
- The former embassy of the United States/Student Basij. Regime forces come and go from the gates of marital sports club and the gate over the Taleqani metro station.
- Imam Hossein Mosque, right on Imam Hossein Square
- Basij Meghdad station in Azadi Avenue. This is where the largest gathering of Basij and plainclothes forces has been reported.
- Basij dispersed around Elm o Sanat and Sharif University
Also the number of security forces is on the rise at the University of Tehran.
Translation: Arash Azizi http://persian2english.com/?p=11626


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