MUST read : REGIME PLAN TO CURB protestsin vain! -confirmed

Source: NCRI

The Iranian regime officials have met on several occasions to assess options for curbing planned protests in June, according to reports obtained from inside the Iranian regime. Some of the meetings took place specifically at the so-called Sarollah Base, which is tasked with the capital’s security. Several sessions have also been held at the Mohammad Corps of the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) insisting that the Interior Ministry must reject requests for any gatherings or rallies and declare them illegal.

Some of the regime’s measures to reinforce and strengthen its suppressive organs include:

• The current number of six Bassij Force centers will be increased to 22 in order to confront the June protests. One of the new locations has been set up at Azadi Square and its commander is Brig. Gen. Ahmad Abadi. The number of forces in Bassij centers has doubled. Members of the suppressive forces are on alert as are other forces of the regime. Their superiors take part on a daily basis in inspection and control maneuvers at sensitive locations. Bassij patrols have also been stepped up since last week.

• All of the brigades from the IRGC’s Mohammad Rasulollah Corps have been brought to the scene since June 10.

• All of the brigades from Seyyed al-Shohada Corps have been transferred from Karaj to Tehran.

• The Ansar, al-Zahra, and Al-e Ahmad Infantry Corps, as well as the Imam Hossein Battalion, will all be used against potential rallies. The Imam Hossein Battalion is commanded by the IRGC.

• The intelligence deputy of Sarollah Base and the Mohammad Corps have called on all Bassij centers to gather reports and intelligence about protests.


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