Preparations for 22 Khordad protests

There have been clips and photos of youth distributing flyers which encourage districts to participate in the up-coming protests.
- Allah o Akbar vigils have increased in various districts of Tehran, major cities like ; Mashad, Kemanshah, Esphahan, Shiraz and Tabriz
-Slogans inviting people to be on the move supporting protesters have increased in public places, such as buses, Tubes, telephone booths and parks apart from walls in major streets.
- In shaheen shahr, youth hung Khamenei photo on a stray dog's neck and let him lose. This boosted public spirit as shops and people laughed while the security forces had called special unites to capture the dog and prevent the slogan from being "propagated" in different districts.
The photo read " Down with Velayat Faghih"


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