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As protests persist, security and demonstrators clash in Iran

Opposition leaders had called off demonstrations marking the one-year anniversary of disputed elections. Nevertheless, fights break out as forces try to break up scattered protests.

Clashes erupted in downtown Tehran late Saturday afternoon between demonstrators seeking to mark the one-year anniversary of Iran's disputed presidential elections and baton-wielding security forces

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Iran protests bigger threat than Iraq war -Guard

Iran's post-election protests one year ago posed a bigger threat to the Islamic Republic than the devastating 1980s war with Iraq, the head of the elite Revolutionary Guards was quoted as saying on Thursday.
Iranian authorities are preparing for a potential revival of the unrest on Saturday -- the anniversary of the election -- when opposition leaders have asked for permission to hold peaceful commemorations.
In comments that underline a continued refusal to brook any dissent, the Revolutionary Guards' commander said the protest movement had been a worse threat to the regime than the invasion by Saddam Hussein's Iraq in 1980 and the ensuing eight-year war.
"Although last year's sedition did not last more than around eight months, it was much more dangerous than the imposed war which Saddam began against us through the support of the international community," Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari was quoted as saying in Iranian media.
"Because of the grace of God and the prophet-like guidance of the supreme leader and people's vigilance, we put this bitter incident behind us and the enemies found out the revolution cannot be diverted through these methods," he said

The Revolutionary Guards were instrumental in quashing last year's protests which the hardline government of re-elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said was "sedition" stirred up by foreign powers seeking regime change.
The Guards are fiercely loyal to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who said last Friday that any Iranians who backed the "disgraceful events of the past months" cannot be true followers of the Islamic Republic's founder Ruhollah Khomeini.
Millions of people took to the streets to protest the poll result -- which many believed was rigged -- and to show support for the defeated moderate candidate Mirhossein Mousavi. Protests were suppressed by violent crackdowns, detentions and even executions.
The post-election turmoil in the world's fifth largest oil exporter -- the worst since the 1979 revolution -- exposed deep divisions in the political and clerical elite, with hardliners scrambling to curb demands for a more democratic system.
Ali Akbar Dareini's solidarity token was vividly leaking identity and lacking sense of truth as he wrote :

Title of article reads: Anniversary of disputed Iran vote passes quietly !!

One cannot understand if Mr. Dareini is planning a long term stay in Iran and considering consequesnces of writing the truth of events or if he is a naive person under stress !

As far as I am concerned the term " disturbances" is exactly what an Iranian regime offical would use to express peaceful protests of trappped voices of those in IRAN, who only wish FREEDOM.

The anniversary passed with no signs of major disturbances or sizable gatherings.

Mr Dareini should have risked one little bit as stopped by Enghelab and Hafez and other districts to see the "minor" incidents instead of minimizing the brave move people in Iran took to highlight the one point that Mr. Dareini is suspiciously reluctant to report : That the will of those who risk in the streets and in prisons has nothing to do with political pragmatism , change of sides and weaknesses of certain political figures. This is a movement for change and freedom with its specific slogans repeated once again today " Down with Dictator"
If this was as he said “sporadic but minor clashes” were not in one town but many showing widespread movement despite extraordinary suppressive measures by an unprecedented religious Tyranny in current History. He seems to either be naïve to the extend of suppression and nature of this regime or a companion to the butchers, ignoring the depth of violence and its impact on any society.
On the other hand, his extra terrestrial expectations of the people under such suppression is unbelievably out of the reality : “The scene was in stark contrast to a year ago.”
I have reached only one conclusion that might ease me only mildly to digest his service to the regime in his coverage of the great effort of the Iranian people :
To suggest that he too, takes active presence in the next protests, tries the white torture, solitary confinement along with the beatings and rape and see if his attitude and understanding of “risking heavily to come on to the streets while chanting down with dictator , even in the smallest numbers “ now, would almost equal the previous “ where is my vote” protests.

Update:20hr In clashes in POUNAK, ppl set fore on regime bus
19:50 Azadi and Jehyoon ghathering is taking place
In vali Asr, people managed to attack suppressive agents cars and Green Caps . They left the cars and leaped away.
Tehran, Iran (CNN) -- Saturday began with calm on the streets of Tehran but clashes erupted later in the day between Iran's security forces and crowds of people gathering at the key sites to mark the first anniversary of a contested presidential election.

The first clashes Saturday were reported at about 6 p.m. as uniformed riot police and plain-clothes security forces chased away growing crowds along the sidewalks of Tehran's Vali Asr Square, witnesses said.

Witnesses told CNN they saw several people struck by batons as they were running away. They said that at least three men were arrested, blindfolded, handcuffed and swept away by security officers on motorcycles.

By most accounts, the streets of Iran's capital city were remarkably quiet from Saturday morning into the afternoon.

But tensions began to rise around 4 p.m. when a large number of security forces, riot police and members of the Islamic government's voluntary Basij forces filed into major squares and intersections, including Vali Asr, Azadi Avenue, Azadi Square and Revolution Square.

Police blocked part of a road leading to Revolution Square and traffic backed up for blocks, witnesses said. Scores of Basij and other security forces were seen waiting inside several mosques and schools near major intersections.

The disputed presidential election last year sparked widespread outrage within the Islamic republic and gave rise to the Green Movement, led by opposition candidates Mir Hossein Moussavi and Mehdi Karrubi.

But the hard-line government cracked down on protesters and has steadily been tightening its grip throughout the year, according to human rights activists. It had been difficult to predict whether demonstrations would take place or how large-scale they would turn out to be.

Fearing for people's safety, the Moussavi and Karrubi canceled plans for demonstrations Saturday but some Iranians told CNN they still planned to venture out on the streets.

"There is fear," said Azadeh, a 30-year-old bank teller in Tehran, who asked to be identified by an alias for fear of her safety. "I can't say I'm not scared, but you still have to go out -- because that's what the government wants, for you to be afraid and not continue. But we have to."

At about 17:00 local time, people were chanting “Death to dictator” and “death to Khamenei” at the entrance gate of Honar University. The plainclothes agents and State Security Forces attacked and beat them with batons and wooden truncheon. Skirmishes spread to adjacent streets. A number of people have been wounded.

Sharif University students strongly resisted brutal attacks by suppressive forces obstructing them from going out of the university complex. The students were beaten while they were chanting “Allahu Akbar.” Students are trying to join protesters in Azadi Street. Students at Tehran University are demonstrating and singing songs and are trying to join protesters outside the university.

Mosadeq Junction and Vanak Square are two main gathering points and clashes between people and the suppressive forces. People are resisting brutal attacks by the regime’s agents.

At 15-Khordad metro station Tehran residents clashed with agents of the regime and beat one of the Bassij agents.

At 17:00 in Ferdowsi Street, plainclothes agents beat two army conscripts who refused to suppress people and took them away to an unknown location.

At 17:00, police helicopters hovering over Imam Hossein Square were monitoring movements of the crowd.

This afternoon, following the start of protests and clashes in different parts of Tehran, Hossein Sajedi Nia, Greater Tehran police chief tried to intimidate the protesters in a televised message. He said: "The police will deal with any attempt to disrupt order under any circumstances and anywhere by legal means. They will not allow a small group of individuals to threaten the security of the citizens.”

A security Guard source from Iran says:

"The crowd is not still curbed, they are moving from Parke shahr towards ENghelab .. they are wanting to gahter in Engghelab, and the crowd is building "

Tehran Univeristy NOW:
Students chant "Down with dictator" ..Bassij have gathered and shouted " Enghelab enghelab" to cover the sound.

Very tense situation around Tehran University: Youth passer bys are attacked randomly and some arrested and taken away for no reason.
In may cases women interfere to release arrested youth..
At 19hr in Navab and Enghelab, towards Tohid, there are at least 100 men, women and youth who gathered. They were attacked but are still defending to stay in groups
17h15 Tehran :

About 400 people who had gradually gathered near intersection Felestine and Enghelab, started with "Down with Dictator" .."Khamenei shame on you ,let go of our homeland"..
Already present thugs and plain cloth agents attacked the crowd and clashes broke out.

IN AZADI, the number of aghents and security guards is very much increased so that it matches the number of people there. It is more like the Labour International Day.
They hit and beat anyone at hand in Azarbaiijan intersection to create fear.
student in Sistan and Baluchestan University reported to an Iran News Agency correspondent, “Today at 7:00pm we will hold a strike and gathering. Since June 18, 2009 we have heard “Allah is Great” on the roof of the dormitories. In the past three days, more than 30 student activists have been called to the disciplinary committee. Their families were contacted and threatened
Mashad at 16h30

People had gathered in streets; Tabarassi, Khaled Eslamlouii and Sajjad , when 300 thugs and plain cloth men with knives and batons and sticks attacked them.
Many have been injured, never the less they gathered along the path once more
At about 14:45 local time, Tehran residents in Jomhouri Street, near Hafez Bridge, clashed with suppressive forces while chanting “God is great,” “death to dictator,” “death to Khamenei,” and “Khamenei shame on you, let go of our country.” The incident took place following an attack by State Security Forces (SSF) on a middle-aged woman chanting “Death to dictator.”

A group of protesters were attacked near Azerbaijan Street when they were chanting anti-regime slogans. At least 8 were arrested and taken away by the suppressive agents.

There were skirmishes at about 16:00 near Haft-e Tir Square (Rezai-ha Square) and Karim-Khan Street. People were also chanting “Death to Bassiji” and “death to dictator” in Shahrak-e Gharb district. Groups of people have been moving toward Ferdowsi and Vali Asr Squares and Karim-Khan Street. A group of people were chanting anti-regime slogans at Taleqani-Vali Asr junction. Additional information will be provided in due course.

At 14:00, all trash bins in the 16-Azar Street were removed and the number of agents on motorcycles increased.

At 15:15, a group of plainclothes agents and special anti-riot forces were transferred to the Ministry of Labor compounds as there was not enough space for them in Azadi Street’s Traffic Administration Office. Among the main gathering centers for special anti-riot forces are Department of Water located in Keshavarz Blvd, and a parking lot in Ferdowsi Square.

At 16:15, some 250 suppressive agents on motorcycles were roaming on their motorcycles in Azadi St. between Azadi and Enqelab squares. In order to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation they were yelling out and chanting slogans.

In Moalem square of SARI, 200 to 250 people have gatheed chanting anti-government slogans "Down with Khamenei" ..." Down with Dictator".."Khmenei, shame on you,let go of power"
In the accuring clashes 3 people were eounded and taken to hospital

Students of the Univeristy gathered at the gates and began chanting anti-government slogans
Tehran at 17h30

In Mossadegh Square, youth have been able to disarm the security guards, and get control of the square and the security forces fleeing the area
Tehran at 17h30

Clashes that broke out about an hour and half ago under Hafez Bridge has extended to adjacent streets and has intensified,
Tehran at 17h:
In Balavar street in front of the entrance to HONAR UNIVERSITY, people have joined brave students who begun chanting from inside the University "Down with Dictator"
Repressive units attacked the crowd from the northern section of Vali Asr, using batons and sticks wounding many.
Clashes continue...
Some people fled onto Nikouyee street, towards the University once again.
The near by shopping Mal for computers has been open for crowd to take refuge
We like to thank all those who sent news items of todays events so far.
Once again we like to annopunce our email for uploads from Iran :
Freedom messenger

Iran focus

Tehran — Rooftop chants of “Allah-o Akbar” (God is the greatest) and “Death to [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei” continued Friday night in south Tehran’s districts of Khazaneh, Shahr-e Ray, Shoush and Sadeqiya.

In Shahrak Gharb district, Bassij militia on motorbikes roamed the neighbourhoods, but were unable to counteract the louder than usual rooftop chants as residents stepped up their chants. The militiamen ultimately left the area around 22:45.

Isfahan — Around 21:30, groups of people gathered outside the home of Ayatollah Jalal Taheri, who had resigned as the city’s Friday prayer leader several years ago over his objection to Khamenei’s treatment of the late Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, and chanted “Allah-o Akbar” and “Death to Khamenei”.

Following the row during Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary last week, Taheri published a scathing letter chastising Khamenei and hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over the way Khomeini’s grandson, Hassan, was jeered when he attempted to speak at the event.

Qazvin — A group of students at the University of Qazvin, west of Tehran, issued a declaration calling on fellow students to stage a protest on campus at 13:00 on Saturday. In recent weeks, the university’s disciplinary committee has expelled a number or students and suspended several others.


This information is to help those in Iran to play tactics in gathering. Use the information as to confuse these suppressive elements . It is not aimed to create fear , and we do not believe that distributing the news would create fear for those who have a hand in protests in for those who may comment about this, please take into consideration that we, out if Iran, may not be so alert on the actual situation and feeling and resolve of those who like to do something today to support the memories of their beloved ones who have left us for the sake of FREEDOM .

Photos by INA source , showing troopers sent to Azadi and Enghelab street.


14h , Tehran :
In Jomouri stree, near Ala aldin shopping Mal, an elderly woman started chanting anti-government slogans, followed by others. In a matter of minutes from a side street a swarm of paratroopers attacked the crowd. But the angry reaction of bystanders and crowd , prevented any arrests.
At the moment , the crowd dispersed after the clashes. It appears to be a new tactic played as to prevent arrests.

گزارش خوانندگان: خیابان جمهوری زیر پل حافظ ساعت 14:00 . نزدیک مرکز خرید علاءالدین شعارهای علیه دیکتاتور از سوی یک زن مسن سر داده شد و با همراهی مردم این شعارها افزایش یافت که با خروج پر تعداد نیروهای امنیتی و ضد شورش از یکی از کوچه های اطراف که احتمال میرود در پارکینگ یکی از مجتمع های مسکونی پنهان شده بودند به خشونت کشیده شدولی با دخالت و حضور خشمگین مردم نیروهای ضد شورش نتوانستند کسی را دستگیر کنند و به آن سوی خیابان عقب نشینی کردند.هم اکنون جو کاملا امنیتی در زیر پل حافظ برقرار شده
Source: NCRI

The Iranian regime officials have met on several occasions to assess options for curbing planned protests in June, according to reports obtained from inside the Iranian regime. Some of the meetings took place specifically at the so-called Sarollah Base, which is tasked with the capital’s security. Several sessions have also been held at the Mohammad Corps of the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) insisting that the Interior Ministry must reject requests for any gatherings or rallies and declare them illegal.

Some of the regime’s measures to reinforce and strengthen its suppressive organs include:

• The current number of six Bassij Force centers will be increased to 22 in order to confront the June protests. One of the new locations has been set up at Azadi Square and its commander is Brig. Gen. Ahmad Abadi. The number of forces in Bassij centers has doubled. Members of the suppressive forces are on alert as are other forces of the regime. Their superiors take part on a daily basis in inspection and control maneuvers at sensitive locations. Bassij patrols have also been stepped up since last week.

• All of the brigades from the IRGC’s Mohammad Rasulollah Corps have been brought to the scene since June 10.

• All of the brigades from Seyyed al-Shohada Corps have been transferred from Karaj to Tehran.

• The Ansar, al-Zahra, and Al-e Ahmad Infantry Corps, as well as the Imam Hossein Battalion, will all be used against potential rallies. The Imam Hossein Battalion is commanded by the IRGC.

• The intelligence deputy of Sarollah Base and the Mohammad Corps have called on all Bassij centers to gather reports and intelligence about protests.


According to confirmed sources in Iran, the Ministry of Labour situated in Azadi street at the Behboudi intersection.
The building serves as a garrison for the special forces formed by the intelligence agency to suppress protests "YEGAN e VIJE".
It seems that much of the forces have already been stationed around the building, but also the adjacent buildings such as the DVLA (driving and license office of Tehran) "Rahnamayee va Ranandei" , have been allocated to suppressive elements

پایگاه دوم سرکوبگران ساختمان وزارت کار است. به گزارش خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبـــر ساختمان وزارت کار واقع در خیابان آزادی تقاطع خیابان بهبودی , پايگاه دوم استقرار نیروهای یگان ویژه وسرکوب گران است. در حال حاضر تعداد زیادی از نیروهای امنیتی ونظامی وانتظامی با خودروهای مختلف درمحوطه این وزارتخانه مستقر شده اند.به نظر می رسددر کناز ساختمان وزارت کار ساختمان های دیگری از جمله ساختمان راهنمایی و رانندگی تهران بزرگ محل استقرار نیروهای یگان ویژه و امنیتی است.


According to confirmed reports, suppressive troops have been impositioned in the big MEGHDAD garrison in the west of Tehran.
This Garrison is in AZADI street at the Habibollahi street intersection.
This garrison has the responsibility of keeping AZADI street clean of any protests , since the street is a strategic security point for the Regime
Photo from archive

به گزارش خبرنگار آژانس ايران خبـــر سرکوب گران در پایگاه مقداد تجمع کرده اند. نیروهای سرکوب گر حكومتي در پایگاه بزرگ منطقه غرب تهران مستقرشده اند. از ساعات اولیه صبح امروز نیروهای سرکوب گر بسیج و سپاه با استقرار در پایگاه مقداد آماده یورش به تظاهرات اعتراضی مردم هستند. پایگاه مقداد در خیابان آزادی و در جنب تقاطع خیابان حبیب الهی قرار دارد. این پایگاه وظیفه اصلی حفظ خیابان آزادی برای نظام را دارد. در حال حاضر همه ی یگان های سرکوب گر بسیجی و سپاهی در این پایگاه مستقر شده اند و از ساعاتی دیگر و با نزديك شدن به زمان شروع تظاهرات وارد خیابان آزادی خواهند.chive
Correspondents: Police helicopters flying over Tehran
9:40 am Tehran Time: Helicopters belonging to security forces are flying over areas where demonstrations were announced including Azadi Avenue, Sadeqie Square, and Saadat Abad.

On the road to Imam Hossein Square, Hafte Tir, and Modarres to Tajrish, there is currently no police present. Only Ershad cars are stationed near the Hafte tir Metro Station, but plainclothes and Basij forces are dispersed around the station. It seems that the American Embassy is a place of gathering for Basij forces today.
The traffic in the streets of Tehran is irregular today. The only government members with a visible organized presence is the traffic police. The police force is not yet stationed in the streets. In previous protests, riot police forces were stationed in public areas from the early morning. Their mission was to continue their patrol until the night. Although, in previous protests, the hours of long missions and the heaviness of their military tools reduced the ability and function of the forces. But in rehearsals last week, military commanders declared that they have the capacity to cover the entire city in twenty minutes.
Eye witnesses have seen the presence of plainclothes forces today in a few places:
- An empty parking lot at the Enqelab-Jamalzade intersection
- The former embassy of the United States/Student Basij. Regime forces come and go from the gates of marital sports club and the gate over the Taleqani metro station.
- Imam Hossein Mosque, right on Imam Hossein Square
- Basij Meghdad station in Azadi Avenue. This is where the largest gathering of Basij and plainclothes forces has been reported.
- Basij dispersed around Elm o Sanat and Sharif University
Also the number of security forces is on the rise at the University of Tehran.
Translation: Arash Azizi
Mukarian News Agency
A number of people in Mahabad were arrested in the past few days by security forces on charges of cooperating with dissident parties.
Shirkou Sabili, Salar Shabahang and Ismail Afshin were some of those who were arrested. They were recently transferred from a detention center to the Central Mahabad Prison.

بازداشت چند شهروند مهابادي به اتهام همکاري با احزاب مخالف
چند شهروند مهابادي طي روزهاي اخير به اتهام همکاري با احزاب مخالف نظام، توسط نيروهاي امنيتي در اين شهر بارداشت شدند.
به آژانس خبري موکريان، شيرکو سبيلي، سالار شباهنگ، و اسماعيل افشين از جمله اين بازداشت شدگان مي باشند.
گفتني است اين افراد اخيرا از بازداشتگاه به زندان مرکزي مهاباد منتقل شده اند. (آژانس خبري موکريان – 20/3/89)
Daneshju News Majid Tavakoli, a jailed Amir Kabir University student was taken to the Prosecutor’s Office yesterday from Evin Prison and was threatened for writing articles.
The Prosecutor threatened him and said that ‘we can do whatever we want with you’.
‘It’s best that you don’t forget that you’re in prison. You still don’t know what tyranny and injustice is and what it is capable of!’ the prosecutor said.
This threat came after Majid Tavakoli wrote two articles in prison which were published titled ‘For Change’ and ‘We Make the Future

احضار مجيد توکلي از زندان به دادستاني براي تکذيب نوشته هايش
مجيد توکلي دانشجوي زنداني دانشگاه اميرکبير روز گذشته از زندان اوين به دادستاني منتقل شده و به دليل نوشته هايش مورد تهديد قرار گرفت.
به گزارش دانشجونيوز، دادستاني تهران روز گذشته مجيد توکلي را مورد نوشته هاي اخيرش تهديد کرده و به وي گفته است: "ما هر بلاي به خواهيم مي توانيم برسر شما بياوريم. بهتر فراموش نکني که در حال حاضر در زنداني. هنوز نمي داني استبداد و بيداد کي هست و چه کاري مي تواند انجام دهد!"
اين احضار و تهديد پس از انتشار دو نوشته اخير مجيد توکلي "براي تغيير" و "ما آينده را مي سازيم" انجام شده است. (دانشجونيوز - 20/3/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
On Thursday June 20 at about 2:40 pm in Enqelab Square security forces were harassing girls and boys on the street under the excuse of ‘improper veiling’. According to reports, a young girl was stopped by security forces and was then harassed and beaten. This young girl resisted and tried to defend herself. A large number of people on the street came to her aid and tried to pull her out of the hands of security forces, but security forces refused to let her go and were frantically trying to arrest her.
At the same time, motorists who were stuck behind traffic started honking their horns in protest to this violent act by security forces.
After some time, police motorcycles entered the scene and started clashing with the people. Security forces arrested anyone they could get their hands on, taking them to an unknown location. Eye witnesses said that at least 4 people including one girl were arrested.

درگيري جوانان با نيروهاي سرکوبگر در ميدان انقلاب
روز پنجشنبه 20خرداد ماه حوالي ساعت 14: 40 در ميدان انقلاب نيروهاي سرکوبگر به بهانه بد حجابي اقدام به برخورد هاي شديد و وحشيانه با جوانان دختر و پسر عابر نمودند. در اين هنگام يکي از دختران جوان توسط نيروهاي سرکوبگر متوقف شد و اقدام به ضرب و شتم و توهين او نمودند. اين دختر جوان به شدت مقاومت ميکرد و از خود دفاع ميکرد. اين مسأله باعث شد تا تعداد زيادي از مردم به حمايت از اين دختر جوان برخيزند و تلاش کنند تا او را از دستان نيروهاي سرکوبگر رها نمايند. ولي نيروهاي سرکوبگر از رها کردند اين دختر جوان خوداري ميکردند و قصد دستگير کردن او را داشتند.
همزمان تعداد زيادي از خودروها که در ترافيک ايستاده بودند در اعتراض بهعمل وحشيانه و غيرانساني نيروهاي سرکوبگر اقدام به بصدا در آوردن بوق ماشينهاي خود نمودند.
بعد از مدتي نيروهاي سرکوبگر موتورسوار وارد صحنه شدند که به درگيري و جنگ و گريز با جوانان پرداختند. نيروهاي سرکوبگر براى ايجاد جو رعب و وحشت با هرکسي که برخورد ميکردند او را دستگير و با خود به نقطه نامعلومي منتقل ميکردند. شاهدان عيني حداقل شاهد 4 دستگيري بودند که در ميان آنها يک دختر خانم جواني به چشم ميخورد. (سايت فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران -20/3/89)
Advar News
The family members of Kiarash Kamrani who was arrested on December 27, 2009 on Ashura in Tehran were arrested in their weekly visit with him in prison.
The father, sister and brother of this student who was sentenced to six years of prison were arrested in the visiting hall for prisoners in cellblock 350 in Evin Prison and their home was also searched by security forces. The Kamranis were charged with ‘propagating against the government’.
Kamrani’s father and sister were released later on but Mehdi Kamrani, his brother is still detained in cellblock 350

بازداشت سه تن از اعضاي خانواده کيارش کامراني

اعضاي خانواده کيارش کامراني يکي از بازداشت شدگان حوادث 6 دي ماه (عاشورا) در تهران، در جريان ملاقات هفتگي با وي بازداشت شدند.
به گزارش ادوار نيوز، پدر، خواهر و برادر اين دانشجوي زنداني که با توجه به راي دادگاه تجديدنظر به 6 سال حبس محکوم شده است، اواسط هفته به اتهام "تبليغ عليه نظام" در سالن ملاقات با زندانيان بند 350 اوين بازداشت شدند و منزلشان نيز مورد تفتيش قرار گرفت.
پدر و خواهر کيارش کامراني بعدتر آزاد شده اند اما "مهدي کامراني" برادر وي همچنان در بند 350 اوين در بازداشت است. (ادوار نيوز – 20/3/89)
Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

On the eve of the anniversary of the uprising of the Iranian people, on Thursday June 10, more than 700 prisoners in cellblock 1 in Gohardasht Prison went on a mass hunger strike in protest to group tortures and not being allowed to contact their families.
In the past few days, prison guards attack prisoners on a daily basis beating them with clubs and other tools. As result, a large number of prisoners have sustained injuries and the signs of torture can be seen on their bodies. To keep the torture and other crimes committed against prisoners under wraps, all the communications with their families and outside of prison has been cut off.
The condition of injured prisoners is very poor and they are not taken to the infirmary for treatment to keep other prisoners from finding out about the situation in this cellblock. (Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran – June 10, 2010)

Security forces beat and attack girl in Enqelab Square
On Thursday June 20 at about 2:40 pm in Enqelab Square security forces were harassing girls and boys on the street under the excuse of ‘improper veiling’. According to reports, a young girl was stopped by security forces and was then harassed and beaten. This young girl resisted and tried to defend herself. A large number of people on the street came to her aid and tried to pull her out of the hands of security forces, but security forces refused to let her go and were frantically trying to arrest her.
At the same time, motorists who were stuck behind traffic started honking their horns in protest to this violent act by security forces.
After some time, police motorcycles entered the scene and started clashing with the people. Security forces arrested anyone they could get their hands on, taking them to an unknown location. Eye witnesses said that at least 4 people including one girl were arrested

اعتصاب غذاي بيش از 700 نفر از زندانيان بند 1 زندان گوهردشت کرج
در آستانه قيام مردم ايران روز پنچشنبه 20خرداد ماه زندانيان بند 1 زندان گوهردشت کرج که تعداد آنها به بيش از 700نفر تخمين زده مىشود دست به اعتصاب غذاي جمعي زدند. اعتصاب غذاي آنها در اعتراض به شکنجههاي گروهي و قطع ارتباط کامل با خانوادهدهايشان صورت ميگيرد.
در روزهاي اخير گارد زندان به‌صورت روزانه به زندانيان بىدفاع و اسير اين بند يورش ميبرند و آنها را آماج باتونها و ساير ابزار شکنجه خود قرار ميدهند در اثر اين يورشها تا بهحال تعداد زيادي از زندانيان زخمي و بدن آنها کبود شده است. براى مخفي نگهداشتن شکنجهها و جناياتي که در اين بند صورت ميگيرد تمامي ارتباط زندانيان با خانواده هايشان و جهان خارج از بند را قطع کردهاند.
شرايط و وضعيت مصدومين زندانيان شکنجه شده حاد ميباشد و براى اطلاع نيافتن ساير زندانيان آنها را از انتقال به بهداري و درمانشان خوداري ميکنند. (سايت فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران -20/3/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran Political prisoner Behrouz Javid Tehrani has been under severe physical torture since his transfer to solitary in cellblock 1 in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj. This cellblock is known as the ‘Doghouse’. Unconfirmed reports say that his hands and legs have been broken and his body is injured and bruised.
Tehrani was also taken to the torture cell which was set up by the head of cellblock 1, Hassan Akharian, a number of times in the past. Akharian and a number of other prison guards tortured Tehrani after shackling and blindfolding him. There are security cameras in all prison cells, but this particular cell does not have a camera.
An intelligence agent interrogator was also in the room when Tehran was being tortured

جان زنداني سياسي بهروز جاويد طهراني در معرض خطر جدي قرار دارد
زنداني سياسي بهروز جاويد تهراني از زمان انتقال به سلولهاي انفرادي بند 1 معروف به سگدوني تحت وحشيانهترين شکنجه جسمي قرار دارد و بعضي از گزارشات تاييد نشده حاکي از آن است که در اثر اين شکنجههاي وحشيانه دستهها و پاهاي آقاي بهروز جاويد تهراني شکسته شده است و بدن او زخمي و کبود شده است.
زنداني سياسي بهروز جاويد تهراني چند بار به سلولي که محل شکنجه زندانيان است و حسن آخريان از زمان منصوب شدن او به رياست بند 1 برپا کرده است برده شد. حسن آخريان رئيس بند 1 زندان گوهردشت کرج پس از پابند و دستبند و چشمبند زدن به زنداني سياسي بهروز جاويد تهراني همراه با تعدادي پاسداربند او را مورد شکنجه وحشيانه جسمي قرار دادند. در تمامي سلولهاي انفرادي دوربينهاي مداربسته تعبيه شده است اما اين سلول فاقد هر گونه دوربين نظارتي است.
هنگام شکنجه جسمي بهروز جاويد تهراني يکي از بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات در آن‌جا حضور داشته و بر شکنجههاي و حشيانه وغير انساني نظازت ميکرد. (سايت فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران -20/3/89)
"Khamenei shame on you, Leave my homeland alone" is repeated on roof-tops of houses at 10h30 tonight.
"Down with Khamenei" echoes as security agents search for those who lead the chants, but could only find a whole district!
Arya Shahr,Mirdamad, Vanak,
In Esphahan: Tohid and Shariati, Nazar streets as well as near khajoo bridge, loud chants of "Down with Khamenei" marked the beginning of a new form of resistance for change in Iran. People announced during slogans that they will march tommorrow from Enghelab Square in Esphahan to Darvazeh Dolat.

According to reports received by Human Rights & Democracy Activists in Iran, Behrooz Javeed Tehrani has been brutally tortured in a solitary confinement cell known as the “dog house” at Gohardasht prison.
Since his transfer to solitary confinement at ward 1, better known as the “dog house”, Tehrani has suffered extreme physical torture. Based on unconfirmed reports, this torture has resulted in heavy wounds and bruises all over his body and Mr. Tehrani has also suffered from fractures in his arms and legs.
This is not the first time Behrooz Javeed Tehrani has been transferred to the torture chamber of the prison established by Hassan Akharian, since he took over as head of ward 1 at the prison. It has been reported that along with other prison officials, Hassan Akharin, the head of ward 1 at Gohardasht prison in Karaj, after blindfolding Mr. Tehrani and tying his hands and feet, proceeded to brutally beat and torture him. Cameras have been installed in all the cells in solitary confinement, however, it is interesting to note that his particular cell had no security cameras.
It has also been reported that one of the interrogator’s of the Ministry of Intelligence was present during the brutal and inhumane torturing of Mr. Tehrani.
Mr. Tehrani is not the only political prisoner being tortured in the solitary confinement cells know as the “Dog House” at Gohardasht prison. Other political prisoners under similar conditions include Ahmad Ashkan, Reza Jalaleh, Majid Afshar, Naghi Nazri, Mehdi Sourani (who’s jaw was broken after being tortured in solidary confinement), Gheysar Esmaili, Majid Mahmoudi, Naser Ghochanlou, Hamid Ashki, Shir Mohammad Mohammadi and Hossein Sharifi.
The solitary confinement conditions at ward 1 of Gohardasht prison are inhumane to say the least. Defenseless prisoners are transferred to solitary confinement cells known as the “Dog House”. They are brutally tortured and as reported on numerous occasions this inhumane treatment has lead to the fracturing of the arms and legs of many prisoners, including Saman Mohamadian, Mohsen Bigovand, Bahram Tasviri, Hassan Sharifi and many others. Another inhumane criminal act inflicted on many prisoners is rape or the use of batons on defenseless prisoners who are shackled and blind folded. This criminal act usually takes place after they have been brutally tortured and their arms and legs have been fractured. Often Hassan Akharian contacts the families of these prisoners, falsely informing them that their loved ones have died. Many prisoners are kept in cells that lack bathrooms and they are not given permission to use a bathroom. Often they are kept for months under these conditions. Prisoners are undressed, their blankets and clothes are removed and they are told to sleep on wet cement floors. They are deprived of their medicines for long periods of time. They endure daily torture and tear gas and pepper gas are sprayed into their prison cells. Their faces are sprayed with the contents of fire extinguishers. They insult their families. Prisoners with broken arms and legs are kept without treatment for long periods of time in their cell until they develop infections or even come close to death. Prisoners are deprived of all contact with people outside their cell, with their families and with the world at large. They are only fed the bare minimum to keep them alive. Prisoners are tortured if either they or their family members complain about the inhumane treatment; often they are forced to take back their words. Prisoners are murdered under the pressure of tortured and prison officials announce that they died as a result of suicide or drug overdose.
The Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran would like to warn the world of the imminent danger facing Behrooz Javeed Tehrani’s life and the lives of other political prisoners at Gohardasht prison, and demand that immediate action be taken by the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other international bodies to save the lives of these prisoners.
Signed by The Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran20th Khordad 1389 (10th June 2010)
Please make sure a copy of this report is sent to the following organizations:
The High Commissioner for Human Rights
The European Union’s Human Rights Commission
Amnesty International
The Special Committee for Arbitrary Arrest and Torture at the United Nations
Translated by: Negar Irani


HazhirKurdnejad was released on bail and Jamal Rahmati was able to contact his family after 10 days.
According to Rava-News, Rahmati has not disclosed any details in regards to his arrest and current situation. He has stated that he is currently held in Tehran’s Intelligence Ministry.
The two students were arrested on Monday, May 30th by Intelligence Ministry of Tehran. There was no information as to their location or condition until June 7th.
Amjad Kurdnejad was also detained on May 2nd of last year and sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment.

PHOTOS: Samples of hand made tracts distributed in Tehran by youth inviting people to do what they can under the circumstances for 22 Khordad
Daliran bibak

According to sources from Iran today at 12h30 local time, in Rah Ahan, at the entrance, clashes broke between people and security Guards. It started from a simple difference over tickets.
People used the chance and started a protests inside the terminal chanting: “Down with Khamenei" .
Security guards in fear of the growth of the protest forced the people out of the terminal but the protest continued in RAH AHAN Sq.
By the time RGC and Intelligence had arrived, people had scattered and protest had finished

تهران – 21 خرداد – در ساعت 1230 ، در سالن ورودي و اصلي راه آهن بين مردم و ماموران امنيتي راه آهن ، درمورد بليط هاي قطار درگيري رخ داد . در اين درگيري مردم معترض در سالن راه آهن دست به تظاهرات با شعار مرگ بر خامنه اي زدند .

ماموران امنيتي با وحشت مردم را از سالن راه آهن بيرون كردند ولي مردم در ميدان راه آهن به شعارهاي خود عليه خامنه اي ادامه دادند و وقتي مزدوران انتظامي سر رسيدند ، مردم تظاهرات خود را پايان داده بودند

Welcoming the 22 Khordad, 12 June protests , placards of Martyre photos hang in public

Freedom messenger
Dedicated to the BRAVE IRANIAN PEOPLE who WILL not SUBMIT to Tyranny ! Regardless of 28 years of appeasement and help given to the regime in Tehran by all multi national Cartels and companies and certainly governments which claim to be"protecting national Interests" at the cost of lives of innocent people in Iran

WE look forwwrds to ALL PRESENCE IN THE COMING 22 khordad ACTIONS !

Student News
After a memorial ceremony on the anniversary of the death of Kianoush Asa (an elite student at the Science and Industry University who was shot and killed during peaceful protests in Tehran on June 15, 2009) on Tuesday June 1 by students of this university despite widespread threats and security measures, university officials summoned a large number of students to the Disciplinary Committee and banned more than 15 girls and 16 boys from entering the dormitory and from receiving other university facilities

احضارهاي گسترده به کميته انضباطي و ممنوع الورد کردن بيش از سي تن از دانشجويان دانشگاه علم و صنعت
پس از برگزاري باشکوه مراسم سالگرد شهادت کيانوش آسا (دانشجوي نخبه ي مقطع کارشناسي دانشگاه علم و صنعت ايران که در جريان تظاهرات ميليوني و مسالمت آميز انقلاب تا آزادي 25 خرداد 1388 به ضرب گلوله به شهادت رسيد) در روز سه شنبه 11 خرداد توسط دانشجويان سبز اين دانشگاه، علي رغم تمهيدات امنيتي گسترده ي حکومت براي عدم برگزاري آن، مسئولان دانشگاه علم و صنعت در اقدامي تلافي جويانه اقدام به احضار گسترده ي دانشجويان به کميته ي انضباطي اين دانشگاه و نيز ممنوع الورد کردن بيش از 15 دانشجوي دختر و 16 دانشجوي پسر ساکن خوابگاه به خوابگاه هاي دانشجويي و نيز محروم کردن آنان از تمامي تسهيلات رفاهي دانشجويي کردند. (دانشجونيوز – 19/3/89)
Daneshju News
A large number of Special State Security Forces have been stationed in various areas in Tehran from June 9.
Riot police were also stationed in these areas. A large number of security forces were stationed in Enqelab Square, outside Tehran University, Amir Kabir University, outside the Seda & Sima (official TV station) and other areas in Tehran

حاکم شدن فضاي فوق العاده امنيتي بر تهران در آستانه ي سالگرد انتخابات
از صبح امروز چهارشنبه، نوزدهم خردادماه يگان هاي ويژه نيروي انتظامي به صورت انبوه در نقاط مختلف تهران مستقر شده اند.
به گزارش دانشجونيوز، يگان هاي ويژه و پليس ضد شورش در نقاط مختلف تهران مستقر شده اند. تعداد قابل توجهي از اين نيروها در ميدان انقلاب، مقابل دانشگاه تهران، دانشگاه اميرکبير، مقابل صدا و سيما و بسياري از نقاط ديگر تهران مستقر شده اند و چهره اي کاملا امنيتي به شهر بخشيده اند. (دانشجونيوز – 19/3/89)
ADVAR news
Mohammad-Hossein Sohrabi, an political prisoner who was arrested during post election events was sentenced to four years of prison and 74 lashes.
He was a member of Mehdi Karroubi’s election staff during last years presidential elections and was charged with ‘instigating public opinion, propagandist activities against the state, publishing lies and insulting officials’.
Sohrabi was arrested in relation with the issue of the Kahrizak Detention Center and has been jailed for close to 10 months

چهار سال حبس و 74 ضربه شلاق براي محمد حسين سهرابي راد، از اعضاي ستاد کروبي
محمدحسين سهرابي، از زندانيان سياسي گمنام حوادث پس از انتخابات از سوي شعبه 28 دادگاه انقلاب به چهار سال حبس و 74 ضربه شلاق محکوم شده است.
به گزارش ادوارنيوز، وي در جريان انتخابات از اعضاي ستاد مهدي کروبي بوده و اتهامات وي "تشويش اذهان عمومي"، "فعاليت تبليغي عليه نظام"، "نشراکاذيب و توهين به مقامات" عنوان شده است.
آقاي سهرابي راد در ارتباط با قضاياي بازداشتگاه کهريزک بازداشت شده است و از شهريور تاکنون نزديک به 10 ماه است که در زندان به سرمي برد. (ادوارنيوز – 19/3/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
According to reports, labor activist Amir Qaneie, was suspended from work at the Vahed Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company by the Disciplinary Committee.
Qaneie who had more than 15 years of working experience was interrogated for the bogus charge of instigating workers. He was informed on June 7 that he has been suspended from work and on the morning of June 8, he was prevented from starting work

موج تعليق از کار فعالين سنديکاي شرکت واحد ادامه دارد
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران"امير قانعي فعال سنديکايي روز سه شنبه بدستور کميته انظباطي شرکت اتوبوسراني تهران از کار تعليق گرديد.
آقاي امير قانعي با بيش از 15 سال سابقه کار حدود يک ماه پيش به کميته انضباطي احضار شد و به اتهام واهي تحريک کارگران مورد بازخواست قرار گرفت.روز دوشنبه 17 خردادماه به او اطلاع داده شد که از کار تعليق شده است و صبح روز سه شنبه 18 خرداد ماه از ادامه کاراو ممانعت به عمل آمد. (فعالين حقوق بشر ودمكراسي در ايران – 19/3/89)
Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
According to reports, on the eve of the anniversary of the presidential elections in Iran which was the scene of major anti-government protests, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence stormed the home of Saied Torabian, the head of the Public Relations Office of the Vahed Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company Syndicate and arrested him. He was taken to an unknown location.
On Wednesday June 9, at about 9 am, four intelligence agents attacked his home. It is unclear why he was arrested but there is speculation that this arrest was made because this syndicate condemned the May 9 execution of 5 political prisoners in Evin Prison

با يورش مامورين وزارت اطلاعات مسئول روابط عمومي شرکت واحد دستگير و به نقطه نامعلومي منتقل شد
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به "فعالين حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران" در آستانه سالگرد قيام مردم ايران نيروهاي وزارت اطلاعات براي ايجاد جو رعب و وحشت به منزل سعيد ترابيان مسئول روابط عمومي شرکت اتوبوس راني تهران و حومه يورش بردند و او را دستگير و به نقطه نامعلومي منتقل کردند.
روز چهارشنبه 19 خرداد ماه حوالي ساعت 09:00 صبح 4 نفر از مامورين وزارت اطلاعات به منزل آقاي سعيد ترابيان در کرج يورش بردند و او را دستگير و به نقطه نامعلومي منتقل کردند. آقاي سعيد ترابيان مسئول روابط عمومي سنديکاي شرکت اتوبوس راني تهران و حومه مي باشد.علت دستگيري او نامشخص است ولي حدس زده مي شود که به دليل محکوميت اعدام هاي 19 ارديبهشت ماه توسط سنديکاي اتوبوس راني تهران و حومه مي باشد و همچنين براي ايجاد جو رعب و وحشت در آستانه سالگرد قيام مردم ايران است. (فعالين حقوق بشر ودمكراسي در ايران – 19/3/89)

At least 100 trade unionists were killed defending workers rights in 2009 - up from 76 the previous year, the International Trade Union Confederation said in its annual survey Wednesday.
Thousands of workers demonstrating to claim wages, denounce harsh working conditions or the harmful effects of the global financial and economical crisis have faced beatings, arrest and detention, including in Algeria, Argentina, Belarus, Burma, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Honduras, India, Iran, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan and Turkey, the confederation's report said

اتحاديههاي كارگري: نقض حقوق در سال 2009 وخيمتر شده است
متن خبر :«8ژوئن 2010 - كنفدراسيون بينالمللي اتحاديه كارگري روز چهارشنبه در بررسي سالانه خود گفت كه در سال 2009 دست كم 100 عضو اتحاديههاي كارگري حين دفاع از حقوق كارگران كشته شدند ...
گزارش كنفدراسيون ميگويد, هزاران كارگر كه براي درخواست مزد, محكوم كردن شرايط سخت كاري يا تاثيرات مخرب بحرانهاي مالي و اقتصادي جهاني تظاهرات كردند, از جمله در الجزاير, آرژنتين, بلاروس, برمه, ساحل عاج, مصر, هندوراس, هند, ايران, كنيا, نپال, پاكستان و تركيه با ضرب و شتم, دستگيري و بازداشت مواجه شدند... (آسوشيتدپرس - 18/3/89)
Iran has hanged four men convicted of rape and another man found guilty of drug trafficking in Tehran, government newspaper Iran reported on Wednesday.
The men hanged on Tuesday were identified as Mehdi, 33, convicted of raping at least two teenage boys, an unnamed 21-year-old man who had raped a retarded 22-year-old woman two years ago, and two other unnamed men who had broken into a house late at night and raped a woman.
The drug trafficker who was also hanged on Tuesday was identified as Masoud, 33, convicted of smuggling eight kilogrammes (17 pounds) of heroin, the report said

ايران پنج نفر را حلق آويز كرد
يك روزنامه دولتي روز چهارشنبه گزارش كرد ايران 4 مرد را به جرم هتك حرمت و يك مرد ديگر را نيز به جرم قاچاق مواد مخدر در تهران حلق آويز كرد.
مرداني كه روز سهشنبه به جرم تجاوز حلقآويز شدند با نامهاي مهدي 33 ساله و يك مرد 21 ساله كه نام وي داده نشده است, همچنين دو مرد معرفي نشده ديگر كه شبانه وارد خانهاي شده بوده و اقدام به تجاوز كرده بودند, ميباشند....
يك قاچاقي مواد مخدر با نام مسعود 33 ساله, نيز به جرم قاچاق 8 كيلو گرم هروئين در روز سه شنبه حلق آويز شده است. (خبرگزاري فرانسه - 19/3/89)

Human rights group Amnesty International called on Iran on Wednesday to release or try on genuinely criminal charges hundreds of detainees still being held one year after a disputed presidential election sparked a wave of mass protests.

The London-based watchdog accused the Iranian authorities of unleashing a 'campaign of fear' to crush popular OPPOSITION to the re-election of hardline President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad in a vote his main challengers reject as 'fraudulent’.

‘The Iranian government is determined to silence all dissenting voices, while at the same time trying to avoid all scrutiny by the international community into the violations connected to the post-election unrest,' Amnesty's interim secretary general, Claudio Cordone, said.
‘The government has taken the absurd stand that virtually no violations have occurred in Iran,' he said.
‘What we are calling for is very simple -- the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience and for others to be tried promptly on recognisably criminal offences, without recourse to the death penalty, in proceedings which fully meet international standards for a fair trial’.
Amnesty said that hundreds of people remained in custody for their part in the protests of June 2009 or for otherwise expressing dissenting views.

It said that the imprisonment of ordinary citizens had become an everyday phenomenon in an expanding revolving door system of arbitrary arrest and detention.

‘The Iranian authorities must end this campaign of fear that aims to crush even the slightest OPPOSITION to the government,' Cordone said.

‘They are continuing to use the death penalty as a tool of repression, right up to the eve of the anniversary of the election.

‘The Iranian authorities blame everyone but themselves for the unrest but they are failing to show any respect for their own laws which prohibit the torture and other ill-treatment of all detainees,' he added.

Iran has one of the highest execution rates in the world. Amnesty said it had already recorded more than 115 this year

عفو بين الملل ميگويد ايران كماكان صد ها نفر از تظاهركنندگان بعد از انتخابات را در بازداشت دارد
گروه حقوق بشري عفو بينالملل روز چهارشنبه از ايران خواست تا صدها نفر بازداشتي كه هنوز بعد از يكسال از انتخابات رياست جمهوري, زنداني هستند را آزاد نمايد و يا اينكه بر اساس اتهامات كيفري واقعي آنها را محاكمه كند.
انتخابات رياست جمهوري اختلاف برانگيز در سال گذشته به تظاهرات تودهاي در ايران دامن زد .
ديدهبان حقوق بشر مستقر در لندن, مقامات ايران را در رابطه با انتخاب مجدد احمدينژاد تندرو, متهم به دامن زدن به يك ” كمپين ترس ” براي سركوب اپوزيسيون مردمي, ميكند.
انتخاباتي كه رقباي احمدي نژاد به دليل ” متقلبانه ” بودن آنرا رد ميكنند.
كلوديو كوردون Claudio Cordone دبير كل موقت سازمان عفو بين الملل گفت ” دولت ايران در حاليكه در تلاش براي ممانعت از تمامي تحقيقات جامعه بينالمللي, در رابطه با نقض حقوق بشر در رابطه با ناآراميهاي بعد از انتخابات بوده , همزمان مصمم به ساكت كردن تمامي صداي مخالفان است”.
او گفت ” دولت ايران موضع مضحك و بيهودهاي مبني بر اينكه هيچ نقض حقوق بشري در ايران صورت نگرفته اتخاذ كرده است ”.
دبير كل سازمان عفو بين الملل ادامه داد ” خواسته ما بسيار ساده است - آزادي فوري و بدون قيد و شرط تمامي زندانيان عقيدتي - سياسي و محاكمه بقيه نفرات بر اساس اتهامات قابل شناخت كيفري و با مطابقت كامل با معيارهاي بينالمللي در دادگاه عادلانه و بدون توسل به حكم اعدام ” .
سازمان عفو بين الملل گفت صدها نفر از مردم به دليل شركت در اعتراضات بعد از ژوئن 2009 و يا اينكه به دليل بيان كردن نظرات مخالف در بازداشت باقي ماندهاند.
عفو بين الملل گفت زنداني كردن اتباع ايراني در يك ريل و سيستم گسترده و مكرري از دستگيرهاي خودسرانه, به يك پديده روزانه تبديل شده است.
كلوديو كوردون, دبير كل موقت عفو بين الملل گفت: ”مقامات ايراني بايد به اين كمپين ترس خاتمه دهند , كمپيني كه هدف آن سركوب حتي كمترين اعتراضات عليه دولت است”
”آنها به استفاده از حكم اعدام بعنوان ابزاري براي سركوب, تا دقيقا يك روز مانده به سالگرد اين انتخابات ادامه ميدهند”
او اضافه كرد: ” مقامات ايراني همه بجز خودشان را, بخاطر اين ناآراميها مقصر مي دانند, اما آنها در نشان دادن هر گونه احترامي براي قوانين خودشان, كه شكنجه و ديگر بدرفتاري با زندانيان را منع كرده, خودداري ميكنند”.
ايران يكي از بالاترين آمار اعدام در جهان را دارد.
عفو بينالملل گفت كه تاكنون بيش از 115 مورد اعدام را در سال جاري ( ميلادي ) ثبت كرده است …(خبرگزاري فرانسه - 18/3/89)


With only a week left to the anniversary of the presidential elections (which was the scene of major protests in Iran), the deputy commander of the State Security Forces vowed to deal strictly with ‘disruptors of public order’.
“State Security Forces will not go soft with anyone and will deal with absolute decisiveness with disruptors of public order and security in the society”, Ahmad-Reza Radan said

سالگرد انتخابات:نيروي انتظامي: با «اخلال‌گران» برخورد خواهد شد
در حالي که کمتر از يک هفته به سالگرد انتخابات دوره دهم رياست جمهوري باقي مانده، جانشين فرمانده انتظامي کشور از برخورد قاطع با « اخلال‌گران در نظم عمومي» خبر داد.
به گزارش خبرگزاري مهر، احمدرضا رادان، جانشين فرمانده انتظامي کشور روز 17 خرداد در در نخستين يادواره سرداران و 130 شهيد بومي انتظامي كردستان در سنندج، با تاکيد بر برخورد با اخلال گران نظم و امنيت عمومي در کشور، گفت که «نيروي انتظامي با هيچ کسي تعارف ندارد و با اخلال گران نظم و امنيت عمومي در جامعه با قاطعيت هر چه تمامتر برخورد خواهد کرد.» (ايلنا – 18/3/89)
Human Rights Activists in Iran
Alireza Akbarshahi, the head of the Tehran State Security Forces said that 115 people he called ‘troublemakers’ were arrested during the implementation of the social security plan.
‘These people were identified from the beginning of Khordad (Persian month from May 22 – June 21) and arrested”, he said.
He said they were arrested in line with enforcing public order and peace

دستگيري صد و پانزده تن در راستاي اجراي طرح امنيت اجتماعي
سردار عليرضا اکبرشاهي فرمانده انتظامي استان تهران از دستگيري 115 نفر تن از شهروندان که از ايشان به عنوان "اراذل و اوباش" باد مي شود ، طي اجراي طرح امنيت اجتماعي خبر داد.
به گزارش مهر، فرمانده انتظامي استان تهران پيش از ظهر سه شنبه در نشست خبري چهارمين مرحله اجراي طرح امنيت اجتماعي استان تهرن افزود: اين تعداد از ابتداي خردادماه جاري تاکنون شناسايي و دستگير شدند.
وي دليل دستگيري اين افراد را لزوم رعايت نظم عمومي و برقراري آرامش عنوان کرده است. (هرانا – 18/3/89)
Parliament News
Massoud Nour-Mohammadi was sentenced to 3 years of prison by the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court.
He was charged with assembling and conspiring to commit crimes against the internal security of the country.
His brother, political activist Saied Nour-Mohammadi was sentenced to one year of prison, five years of suspended prison and a 30 year ban on all political activities

محکوميت مسعود نورمحمدي به سه سال حبس تعزيري
مسعود نورمحمدي بر اساس حکم شعبه 28 دادگاه انقلاب به سه سال حبس تعزيري محکوم شد.
به گزارش پايگاه خبري «پارلمان‌نيوز»، اتهام وي موضوع ماده 610 قانون مجازات اسلامي يعني اجتماع و تباني براي ارتکاب جرائم ضد امنيت داخلي کشور ذکر شده است.
شايان ذکر است وي برادر سعيد نورمحمدي، از جوانان فعال اصلاح طلب است که بر اساس حکم دادگاه به يک سال حبس تعزيري، پنج سال حبس تعليقي و 30 سال محروميت از فعاليت‌هاي سياسي محکوم شده است. (پارلمان‌نيوز – 18/3/89)
Miran Khabar
The Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Pir-Abasi sentenced journalist Jila Bani-Yaqub to one year of prison and a 30 years ban on journalism.
She was arrested on June 20, 2009 with her husband Bahman Amuyi and was released on bail after two months.
Her husband was sentenced to 5 years of prison in a court of review and is currently in cellblock 350 in Evin Prison.
Bani-Yuqub was the 2009 winner of the Courage in Journalism aw

رژيم ايران ژيلا بني يعقوب را به يك سال حبس و 30 سال محروميت از روزنامه نگاري محكوم كرد
دادگاه انقلاب اسلامي به رياست قاضي يير عباسي، ژيلا بني يعقوب روزنامه نگار را به يکسال حبس تعزيري و 30 سال محروميت از روزنامه نگاري محکوم کرد.
ژيلا بني يعقوب که در روز 30 خرداد 1388 و در ايام اعتراضات انتخاباتي به همراه همسرش بهمن احمدي امويي بازداشت شده بود و پس از تحمل دوماه بازداشت با قرار وثيقه آزاد شد.
به گزارش ميران خبر، همسر وي بهمن احمدي امويي دادگاه تجديد نظر به تحمل 5 سال حبس قطعي محکوم شده و در حال حاضر در بند 350 اوين زنداني است.
بني‌يعقوب در سال ۲۰۰۹ برنده جايزه شجاعت در روزنامه‌نگاري شد. (ميران خبر - 18/3/89)
Daneshju News

With only a few days left to June 12 (anniversary of the post election unrest in Iran) and the start of university exams, pressures on students and professors at the International Khomeini Qazvin University have reached their highest point. The new sentences issued by the Disciplinary Committee are as follows:

1- Hamed Honarkhah – his expulsion sentence was confirmed by the review committee

2- Payam Heidar Qazvini – he was expelled and banned from all universities for three years

3- Farzam Moini – suspended for two semesters

4- Farshid Azarniosh – suspended for two semesters

5- Saied Sakakian – suspended for two semesters

6- Farhad Kiashamshaki – suspended for two semesters

7- Mohammad-Reza Aqayari - suspended for two semesters

8- Daniel Keranian - suspended for two semesters

Seyed Rohollah Torabi, an elite student at this university, left the university last semester after being expelled.

صدور احکام جديد انضباطي در دانشگاه بين المللي قزوين: ۳ حکم اخراج و ۱۲ ترم تعليق قطعي براي ۹ دانشجو

در حالي که تنها چند روز تا ۲۲ خرداد ماه و نيز آغاز امتحانات پايان ترم دانشگاه ها باقي مانده است، فشار هاي وارده بر دانشجويان و اساتيد دانشگاه بين المللي امام خميني قزوين به شديدترين شکل ممکن در چند مدت اخير رسيده است، که اين امر

احکام جديدي توسط کميته ي انضباطي دانشگاه در هفته جاري صادر شده است که به شرح زير است:

1- حامد هنرخواه: دانشجوي ترم آخر رشته روانشناسي، با تائيد حکم اخراج خويش توسط کميته تجديد نظر دانشگاه روبرو شد.

2- پيام حيدر قزويني: دانشجوي ترم آخر رشته فقه و حقوق در تازه ترين حکم صادر شده بر عليه وي، به اخراج و سه سال محروميت از کليه دانشگاه ها محکوم شده است...

3- فرزام معيني: دانشجوي ترم آخر رشته فقه و حقوق با حکم قطعي دو ترم تعليق از تحصيل با احتساب در سنوات محکوم شده است.

4- فرشيد آذرنيوش: دانشجوي ترم آخر رشته فقه و حقوق، به 2 ترم تعليق از تحصيل محکوم شده است.

5- سعيد سکاکيان: دانشجوي رشته حسابداري و دبير واحد سياسي تشکل اصلاح طلب دانشگاه با حکم قطعي 2 ترم تعليق از تحصيل با احتساب در سنوات مواجه شده است.

6- فرهاد کياشمشکي: دانشجوي ترم آخر رشته حقوق حکم قطعي 2 ترم تعليق از تحصيل روبرو گشته است.

7- محمدرضا آقاياري: دانشجوي رشته ادبيات با حکم قطعي 2 ترم تعليق از تحصيل روبرو گشته است.

8 - دانيال کرانيان: دانشجوي رشته حقوق با حکم قطعي 2 ترم تعليق از تحصيل روبرو گشته است.

همچنين سيد روح الله ترابي از دانشجويان نخبه دانشگاه بين المللي قزوين و دانشجوي کارشناسي ارشد رشته معدن، ترم گذشته با حکم اخراج خويش دانشگاه را ترک کرد. (دانشجونيوز – 18/3/89)

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

According to reports, political prisoner Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi has been under mental and physical torture for more than six months in cellblock 209 in Tehran’s Evin Prison in Tehran.
This 63 year old member of the Tehran Bazaar is interrogated and tortured by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence. These interrogators stop interrogations and keep him in an undetermined state and then start them all over again with heightened mental and physical torture.
They have subjected Banazadeh to pressure to make false statements in front of cameras and to repeat what is dictated to him. He will be tried on charges of Moharebeh and sentenced to death if he refuses.
This political prisoner has lost close to 16 kilos (35 pounds) as a result of the torture.
He was detained in solitary for a few months in this cellblock. Six months after his arrest, he is still under mental and physical pressure and in an undetermined state.
His family has pursued his case since his arrest but officials refuse to give them a clear answer and mistreat them.
Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi was arrested on November 30 after intelligence agents stormed his home. He was taken to cellblock 209. His brother, Ali Banazadeh Amirkhizi was executed in the 80’s for supporting the PMOI. His wife, Shahla Zarin Far was sentenced to one year of prison for visiting her child in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. She was released after serving her prison term. Currently political prisoner Kobra Bananzadeh Amirkhizi, his sister, is in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj for intending to visit her children in Camp Ashraf. Before this, his brothers Asghar and Hamid were sentenced to two years of prison for visiting their children in Ashraf and were released after serving their time.

بازاري زنداني تحت فشارهاي روحي و جسمي در بند مخوف 209 زندان اوين
بنابه گزارشات رسيده به فعالين "حقوق بشر و دمکراسي در ايران"بازاري زنداني محمد بنازاده امير خيزي بيش از 6 ماه است که تحت شکنجه هاي روحي و جسمي در بند 209 زندان اوين بسر مي برد.
بازاري زنداني محمد بنازاده امير خيزي 63 ساله چند ماه است که در بند 209 زندان اوين تحت شکنجه هاي جسمي و روحي بازجويان وزارت اطلاعت قرار دارد. بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات پس از مدتي توقف بازجوئيها و نگه داشتن او در حالت انتظار دوباره بازجوئيهاي را همراه با شکنجه هاي روحي و جسمي شديدتري از سر مي گيرند. بازجويان وزارت اطلاعات آقاي بنازاده را تحت فشار قرار دادند تا در مقابل دوربين تلويزيون گفته هاي ديکته شده آنها را تکرار کند.آنها همچنين او را تهديد کردند که در صورت عدم اعترافات تلويزيوني به اتهام محاربه وي را محاکمه و به اعدام محکوم خواهند کرد.بازاري زنداني در اثر شکنجه هاي غير انساني نزديگ به 16 کيلو وزن کم کرده است.
بازاري زنداني چند ماه را در سلولهاي انفرادي بند 209 زندان اوين در بازداشت بسر مي برد.عليرغم گذشت بيش از 6 ماه از بازداشتش هنوز تحت فشارهاي روحي و جسمي قرار دارد و همچنان در بلاتکليفي بسر مي برد.
خانواده بنازاده از زمان دستگيري تا به حال پيگير وضعيت عزيز خود هستند ولي از دادن پاسخ مشخص به اين خانواده خوداري مي کنند و رفتاري غير انساني با اين آنها دارند.
لازم به ياداوري است که آقاي محمد بنازاده اميرخيزي 63 ساله در 9 آذرماه با يورش مامورين وزارت اطلاعات به محل کارش دستگير و به بند 209 زندان اوين منتقل شد. برادر او جانباخته راه آزادي علي بنازاده امير خيزي در دهۀ 1360 بخاطر هواداري از سازمان مجاهدين اعدام شد. همسر وي خانم شهلا زرين فر بدليل ديدار با فرزندش در قرار گاه اشرف به يک سال زندان محکوم شد که محکوميت او مدتي پيش به پايان رسيد. در حال حاضر خواهر او زنداني سياسي کبري بنازاده امير خيزي بدليل قصد ديدار با فرزندان خود در قرارگاه اشرف در زندان گوهردشت کرج زنداني است . پيش از اين برادران او آقايان اصغر و حميد بنازاده بدليل ديدار با فرزندان خود در قرارگاه اشرف به 2 سال زندان محکوم شده بودند که مدتي پيش پس از پايان يافتن محکوميتشان آزاد شدند.(فعالين حقوق بشر ودمكراسي در ايران – 18/3/89)
Daneshju News

Ten days before receiving his degree, Mohsen Saqafi was summoned by the Ministry of Intelligence and informed that he would not be allowed to continue his education to get a master’s degree. In this degree, it was stated that he had to go to the Evaluation Organization on Tuesday June 1 because of a ‘deficiency in his file’.

‘File deficiency’ is a new way of suspending students from education and is used instead putting a ‘star’ in students’ records.

Saqafi went to the Evaluation Organization on June 1 bur was mistreated and was not even allowed inside to follow up on his file

يك دانشجوي دانشگاه آزاد تهران مرکز با دستور وزارت اطلاعات از تحصيل محروم شد

به گزارش دانشجونيوز محسن ثقفي 10 روز پيش از ارائه کارنامه هاي کارشناسي ارشد، توسط وزارت اطلاعات احضار و به وي اطلاع داده شده است که اجازه تحصيل در کارشناسي ارشد را نخواهد داشت. در کارنامه اين دانشجو از وي خواسته شده بود «به علت نقص پرونده در روز سه شنبه 11 خرداد ماه به سازمان سنجش مراجعه کند».

«نقص پرونده» عنوان جديد ستاره دار و محروم کردن دانشجويان از تحصيل است.

محسن ثقفي طبق اعلام سازمان سنجش در روز 11 خرداد به اين سازمان مراجعه کرد که با برخورد زننده اي مواجه شد و حتي اجازه ورود به سازمان سنجش را براي پيگيري وضعيت خود نيافت. (دانشجو نيوز – 18/3/89)